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crossing everything doesnt work!!

Well crossing everything didn't work - gain of 5lb - * week plus my own version of See Food Diet. Been to Tesco and have managed to get home with a very healthy weekly shop. Have got a SW quiche in the oven, some Drumstix in there too, a batch of soup has been made and frozen into individual portion sizes, and a gammon joint is slowly cooking on the hob.
More than likely having a couple of picnics this weekend as we are off to Duxford tomorrow for the 70th Anniversary of Battle of Britain and then Sunday more than likely off to coast birdwatching.
Am so angry with myself for going off track so much but as we said last night I have drawn a line under the last week and am starting afresh.
Anyway must dash to check on the goodies that are cooking....
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I always think what's done is easily undone. I'm sure once * week is over the weight will fall back off. I always get really bloated around * week too, its just the way it goes unfortunately. I've had weeks with SW where I've been good as gold, followed it to the T and still put weight on, or not lost anything. It just makes me more determined to lose next week. Don't get disheartened, it will come off just as quickly as it went on I'm sure :)

I am so jealous! I didn't know Duxford is on this weekend!! Thats awesome, I haven't been there for years. I watched a B52 bomber take off from there once, it was the best thing in the world :D. It felt like there was an earthquake :).
i had a blow out and * week and gained 4lbs in one week the other month - the next week i totally rocked the scales and lost 7.5lbs!!!

GO FOR IT!!!! :) xxx Think: Fast on, fast off! x


Losin the baby weight :-)
Exactly! I had a really bad week last week (+6lbs- bleeurgh :mad:!!) after me jollies and scraped a -1.5loss by the skin of my teeth this week :) (was only really back on plan for 2 days) but am a dead cert for next week (she says!) :rolleyes:

Once you get back on it you know it's going to be ok - what goes up must come down!! Ha ha - loving all these cheesy sayings! :D
well at least you have got your blow out, out of your system and your raring to go again.

bet you have a brill loss next weigh inand never look back.

enjoy your weekend it sounds lovely
I'm so glad, in the nicest possible way, to read this. I have put on 6.5 pounds over the last few weeks, so its nice to know I'm not alone. Have been off work so haven't done much in the way of anything, except eat. But, onwards and upwards, got a membership to local swimming pool yesterday, been two days in a row and really enjoy it. Haven't had any sweets, crisps or chocolate since Monday, so i feel pretty good about that and not deprived at all. I have made a real effort this week to stay on track and eat the right things, so I'm hoping for some move in the right direction at next weigh in.

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