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CS Bars or Atkins Bars?


After reading all the posts and comments about Celebrity Slim I started the diet today. I have put on about 30 pounds over the winter and desperately want to fit comfortably into my size 12 jeans again.

I have been reading everyones comments about which soups/shakes they like and i've seen that some prefer the Atkins bars to the CS bars. Which Atkins bars are those? When I was shopping today, some of the bars were small 30g and some were large 60g bars. I don't want to pick a bar that's going to mess up my weight loss! I was thinking a bar might be easier than a shake for lunch at work - less conspicuous!

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its completely down to you...iv had the 60d ones but have them over the day not all at onxe. if you want it as your lunch id suggest the 37g ones
Thanks for the help.

They are offer at the mo so I bought a few 60g ones but i'll prob eat half for a snack.

I'll take the 30g ones to work for lunch.


sharon kim

Silver Member
it dosent really matter which one you have there about the same number of carbs if your haveing instead of a shake you would still have had at least 20 less carbs than if you had the shake

sharon kim

Silver Member
i think the cs bars are around 9 carbs and the atkins from 2grm to 4 so you can have two big ones for one cs one
i wouldnt encourage eating 2 atkins bars youll be sick!

sharon kim

Silver Member
i dont think any one could eat two of them in one go i was just pointing out that for the same carb value of a cs bar you could eat 2 or 3 big ones or 4 of the small ones, youd be never of the loo if you did
cant remember who it was that pointed it out but it you eat too many it can have laxitive like effects...just lovely lol
thats the same with any suger free sweets or bars its the stuff they replace the suger with that causes it
ooo i love my sugar free sweets, im gonna have to be more careful with what i eat
lol i love suger free sweets been buying them for yrs i think i spend more money in the low carb mega store than any where else, been buying from there that long im on their xmas card list lol plus i love the samples they send when you order
my OH ate all of mine, iv only ordered from there once...i really wanted the bread from there but figured we werent allowed it.

if you look further back on the forum i put up a post about a sugar free sweet store, dont know of you read it or not but i got an order from them and the sweets are lovely!
you would be allowed the bread cos its low carb but its disgusting i bought it yrs ago when atkins first became popular and it has a texture that i cant discribe, i prefer to buy fron america their stuff is so much better than the uk ones and the variety is so much greater, the cinimon bun bars are great and the noddles are nice
i wont waste my money on it then! thanks for the heads up!
its just strange a bit cakey but bland how youd expect cotton wool to taste
ooo lovely. not!

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