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CS carb question


Minimin Addict
Hey, quick question
Do you think cs would still work if you didn't stick to the low carb rule?
Almost like slim fast?? (which i can't stand but heard the nutritonal value is pretty similar)
I really enjoy the cs shakes but i don't think i'd stick to it if i couldn't have pasta.
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Laugh in the face of food
I do Cambridge which is more or less the same, and I'm afraid to have to big losses the answer is no. The diet works primarily by burning fat, which it can only do once all the carbs in your body have been burned as it burns carbs first. In order to burn fat your body needs to be in a state of ketosis. This is achieved by having very very low carb intakes, anything more than the carbs in the diet packs is too much and you'll come out of ketosis.

As a general rule if I have carbs, which bring me out of ketosis I automatically put on 4lbs. This is because the human body burns carbs first as they are easier to burn than fat stores which may have been laid down a long time ago. Ketosis stops you feeling hungry too.

So if you were to eat a pasta dish you'd never get into ketosis and therefore you'd always just be burning your pasta carbs and could feel more hungry. And you'd always have that extra bit to lose before you start to burn fat so your losses won't be as big and more likely on a par with diets like Slimming World and Weight Watchers. To me I'd rather get into ketosis and stay there, so that the losses are bigger, and the diet is shorter.

Slim Fast works differently to CS, CD, LT and LL because its the calorie intake, it isn't designed to be a total meal replacement and as aresult does not have all the recommended daily amounts of the nutrients needed, and could make you malnourished if used as total meal replacement like CS.

Hope this helps, I know it's probably not what you wanted to hear though, sorry xxx


Minimin Addict
Thanks hun, i expected as much. I'm going to give it a go, i do love my carbs but i'm willing to bet its prob the reason i weigh so much. My carb cravings will go after a while won't they?


Laugh in the face of food
Mine did and I am the Carb Queen!! Before I did CD all I ate were carbs, never thought for a minute I'd manage without my pasta either, but to be honest once I got into ketosis my cravings haven't been for carbs at all. I quite often crave things that are high protein like steak or mince and onions.... In fact I'm trying to think.... I don't recall ever actually craving carbs at all. Every so often if there's an ad on telly with pasta (usually the Philadelphia ad lol) I think aw I could just eat that, but it's not a massive all consuming craving. Just a passing thing. So it isn't that bad. And like I said for me, I'd rather do without carbs for x number of weeks for the sake of bigger losses.

I intend to maintain following Slimming World so I can live off green days again. I maintained my weight at 16st 8lbs doing SW for years, but when it came down to losing the weight SW just wasn't quick enough.


Gone fishing
Oh gosh, I know I'm dragging this up a bit late, but I do like to have the correct info out there ;)

Just wanted to point out surfhunny that CS isn't a TFR and neither is it ketogenic..well, not designed to be if you follow it correctly.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Many people find they work better on slightly more carbs than the keto level. It works because the lower calorie, and the carbs are lower than would be if you are doing SF, which can mean you find it more satiating :)

The calories in vs calories out still work in the same way, as it does for all weight loss diets. Being in ketosis doesn't mean you burn more fats. Fat loss will be the same dependant on the calorie amount (in the most part anyway).


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heya, curently i'm on CS but having carbs (using last shakes up beofre moving on to a new diet) weight is going down still just not as fast

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