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Cupovtays Food Diary


Fridge Dodging
Ok so I sort of already have a post in this section but it's called I blew it and to be honest it's not really a food diary so I thought I would start again.

Tonight I will have my first weigh in and I am petrified I am going to have gained because I feel like I have eaten way more than I am used to. It is sort of different stuff but most of it is the same just a lower point version. I have decided if i have not lost any weight tonight I am giving up on the WW plan at the end of the month and I am going to go it alone.

I am going to post what I have eaten at the end of each day. So I will come back later. I hope it's ok for me to do this.
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Fridge Dodging
Oops been forgetting to do this.

milk allowance 3 points

Food Diary - Friday

Breakfast - 2 and half warburtons crumpets with ICBINB Light & 1 can of LSV - 8.5

Lunch - 1 can WWFH Chicken Noodle Soup and 2 slices of WW white danish. 1 cup of tea with sweetner - 2 points

Dinner - 1/4 of a Cottage Pie (didnt eat any as it came out of a box and was minging, but still counted the 4.5 points for it) Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower (all fresh), Mashed Potatoe with butter aand soe of y milk aallowance (3 scoops) Bisto Gravy (made this with 6 teaspoons but only had a bit, still counted the 1 point though) 1 slice WW White Danish.
Cup of tea & a lemon cake slice - 10.5 points but prob only consumed 7 points.

Anytime - LSV light 0 points and bout 6 cups of tea with sweetner and using my milk allownace 0 points.

Treat - 40g (approx 15-18) Aero Mint Bubbles 5 points.

Total today = 29 :( Over again!
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Ha ha, when i saw your user name i thort it sounded 'local' !! now you have put up your location i see i was right-greetings fellow yamyam !!


Fridge Dodging
lol Cookies. LSV is just a very cheap lower point version of red bull. lol.

Jane what club do you go to? I heard there wern't many ww clubs in oldbury.


Fridge Dodging
Weekend Food Diary - :(

Saturday - 26 point allowance - 0 Activity Earned.

1/2 pint semi-skimmed Milk Allowance 2 points

Breakfast - :)
40g Special K 1.5 points

Lunch - :)
2 Warburtons Crumpets 2.5 points
2tsp ICBINB Light 0.5 points
1 WW Lemon Cake Slice 1 point

Dinner - :(
1 WW Naan Bread - 1.5 points
WW Tikka Masala (made from instructions on jar including rice and chicken. Jar said it was meant to be 7 points but i counted it as 9 to be sure as I added a tsp of single cream) 9 points
100g Homemade Chips 4

Anytime -
1/4 of OH yummy naan bread 1 point (guessed this :( )
7 aero bubbles - 2.5 points (worked this out as 18 in a bag and a bag is 5 points)

Total 25.5 - Banked 0.5


Sunday - 26 Points Allowed - 4 Activity Points Awarded = 30 points

1/2 Semi Skimmed Milk - 2 points

Breakfast -
40g Special K - 1.5

Lunch -
Roast Beef 3 thick slices, mashed potatoes (with margarine), cabbage, carrots, 1 small roast, peas, 2 yorkshire puddings, bisto gravy, 1 thick slice white bread buttered with anchor butter and 1 LSV sugar free - Total 17!!!

Dinner - 0

Anytime -
2 rich tea biscuits - 1 point
4 finger kit kat - 5 point
35g walkers cheese and onion crisps - 3 points

Total - 29.5 points. Banked 0.5 points :(

I think I sort of gave in tonight to the chocolate and crisps. The kit kat made me feel kinda sick so I wont be going there again. I think I thought to myself that I had alredy blown it. I have told mum that I will be cooking my own dinner next week. She was happy cos she gets a week off and I get to cook her dinner too. lol.

Going to have to be very strict and do lots more exercise the next two days if I want to see any loss on tuesday. I was aiming for 3lb this week but theres no chance now! Oh well another day tomorrow! :(
There is indeed always tomorrow. Dont get to down about it chick, we ve all been there. I hope weigh in is kind to us all, mines tomorrow morning and im a bit apprehensive. Keep up the good work and just keep at it!
lol Cookies. LSV is just a very cheap lower point version of red bull. lol.

Jane what club do you go to? I heard there wern't many ww clubs in oldbury.
Dont go to club-am a solo player !! used to go to birchley sports club- think its closed now- twas a grim building

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