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Curdling yogurt?


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LOL. i would think it wouldnt taste great either. Im not an expert nore have i ever tried, but supposedly spooning it in slowly on a low heat helps.. and to have the yoghurt at room temperature rather than straight from fridge. xx


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It won't taste any different.
To stop it curdling, take the pan off the heat before stirring the yogurt in. Yogurt curdles on direct heat, so add it right at the end.
No, it won't do you any harm - it just looks a bit odd.

Try warming the yogurt a bit before you mix it in, and the meat should not be boiling - it is the shock of too much heat which makes things curdle. Be gentle, and it should be OK.

But, as I said, if it goes wrong just eat it - with your eyes shut!!


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I agree it won't affect the taste. Make sure you don't use the yoghurt straight from the fridge. You can also add cornflour to very low fat products to stabilise them and help stop them splitting.


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Thanks for all the advice. It was a success - hoorah. OH is so fussy he would not have liked it if it had split.

Only problem is, it was a bit too cool for our liking, what with removing it from the heat then adding the cool yogurt - any tips for how to prevent this?


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you can add an egg to the yogurt before cooking it, this stops the splitting, like when you use it as a bechamel sauce for lasagne.