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Curious... for CDC's

I was just wondering with the CDC's on here....

Are you laid back with your clients or are you quite strict no nonsense types....

I think mine is a no nonsense type. although she doesn't tell me much... But I think her comments make me more determined to succeed.... just wondered how you gee'd up your clients....

<can you tell I'm on another food avoidence tactic?>
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Liking it Anne!!
I am about to go for a long walk along the seafront althou the others will be stopping for food, I think il admie the view tho with some water!! and hope I am hungry by the time I return!!

Anna xx


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I suppose I am the critical friend is how I would say I am.

I also sense whether they need a gentle chat or a come on get stuck in sort of chat.

Reading peoples moods is all part of the process I suppose.



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You definitely come over as one who has walked the road and knows how tricky it can be!
For me it is all about what they do once they reach goal weight so I tend to go on about what changes are they going to make in terms of their lifestyle and diet to maintain otherwise they are just renting a slim body for a few months.

It always worries me when clients say that they can't wait to finish so they can go on a blow out, I like the clients who ask what is the best way to keep slim as they are the ones who realise it requires a shift change in lifestyle to really suceed in their weight loss.

Yes thats the bit that worries me.... the staying slim!!!
I can't imagine having to make this journey more than once over....
Funnily enough I have already started changing the diet within our house to healthy options so I can slip in when at goal....

Mike what did you have to do to win counsellor of the year? I looked on the CD site but couldn't see anything about it?
I try to give my clients information and support to keep on the diet and not cheat, i often get dissapointment when they have lost 1lb that week and moments before they have told me they have eaten indian 10 pints of beer and a loaf of bread. It is very hard not to say 'what do you expect to lose after eating all that; but i dont i try to inform them the way the diet works ect and say to get 100% results you have to stick to diet 100%.

I also offer to beat them with my fat blocks :D

One gentleman i see bet me £3 a week he will lose 5lb and when he doesnt reach 5lb it goes in my charity pot i have in cupboard, every week before he leaves he says £3 bet on for next week , i have offered to lower the amount to three pound weightloss but he wont and each week i get £3 added to the box, but he knows he cheats and is happy with a slower weightloss and we have a really good friendship so we can joke each other.

Another gentleman who is my hubbys friend i take a different approach , he likes the tough talking and once i worked out pound for pound what it actually cost him to lose the weight as he constantly nibbles so his weightloss is slow.

You have to work with people who have different personalities and what works for one wont work for another. I try to keep them motivated and help them set realistic goals , I feel upset when i see someone who isnt following the diet properly and is getting down as i know with willpower they could do it and it would change their lives soo much.

I also have my super slimmers (a few that are posters on here) who take on board what you say, follow the diet to the letter and are having great results, i see their whole attitude and confidance grow each time i see them and cant wait until they reach their goal.



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I try to give my clients information and support to keep on the diet and not cheat........... i try to inform them the way the diet works ect and say to get 100% results you have to stick to diet 100%...... I also offer to beat them with my fat blocks :D............julesrush
She's not joking.......ive seen em and they aint pretty :giggle:

Best I stay on the right track then huh Jules :scale:

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