Curry Sauce


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I know there are loads of threads on chinese take out but i can't find any giving the syn value for curry sauce?

I have ordered chicken curry with boiled rice so am assuming chicken and rice are free on extra easy so just wondering how much sauce i can have without going over my 15 syns for the day?
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I know this is a bit late but when I get Chinese I order egg fried rice with chicken with curry sauce and for the whole thing I'd give 10 at most..or if boiled rice I'd give it about 4-6 depending on the portion size.


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This is fab to know! Chicken curry is by far my favorite dish and I thought it would be way over my syns for the day so haven't dared try it (mainly because of the amount of oil that tends to be in it). Very pleased!

How did you find this out fruitpie? Useful to know for future reference!



I asked my group leader person when I first started SW an it's always stuck in my mind, the thing is why Chinese or Thai they flash fry things so it's not as bad as you'd think but then if you get prawn crackers free it's very dangerous lol

I always use the syn guide in the book you first get, it's basic but it's a good way to get an idea if syn values x