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Curvygirl87's diary..

hey everyone how are u all?im new to this, i was goin to attempt ww again but i no i get bored so thought id join u lovely people over here as after readin ur diarys i think this may be best for me, according to myfitnesspal i am on 1520 cals a day to lose 1-2lb a week, hopin i get on ok, im not “dieting” as when i use those words it never works so i am eating healthily.. 3 meals a day with a couple of snacks but if i want something im goin to have it, not bein too strict on myself, if i have a bad day it im not goin to beat myself up and whenever im out for a meal and i am not goin to say o i cant have this i cant have that as it drives me insane lol iv also joined the gym which i will be goin to 2-3 times a week, i look forward to getting to know you all and any tips or advice wud be great as u all seem to be doin so well :D

ps I am also goin to post a food diary on here so u can all have a look n c how i am doin, i am also keepin track with myfitness pal
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It's great to have you on the Calorie Counting forum! :D We're growing so quickly in numbers! :p

Sounds like you've got a great attitude to losing weight and it's nice to hear you're not going to deny yourself nice things :)

Have you got much to lose??

Hope it goes briliantly for you! I'm sure it will :)
Hi there nice to hear from you, you look fab by the way! Well im currently 13st 7 and wud like to lose around 2 or 2.5 stone, you’ve done so well! Wat kind of things do u eat?i like to hear what other people eat lol yeah thought this time round im not goin to deny myself things as if i do i no it wont work, so heres to hopin i lose sumthim, although i may not have started at the best time with xmas comin up but hopefully i can shed a few pounds before then lol xx
Hiya curvygirl..welcome to CC, good luck with your weight loss journey, im sure you will do fab x
Welcome to CC! I'm sure you'll do great. I have been using MFP myself and I swear by it, I set it to loose 2.6lbs and like clockwork I loose 3lbs a week. Let me know if you want a friend on MFP!
Thank u everyone.. yes i wud luv a friend on MFP :) xx
Welcome and good luck. xxx

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