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  1. SandraEG

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    Over the bank holiday I've been getting that feleling like I need to go tot he loo again after I've just been. No pain or discomfort as yet - just the feeling like I need to 'go' again.

    I haven't had cystitis in years but this is always how it started before. All the new herbal remmedies seem to be cranberry based and I wonder if anyone has used these and it has affected them? Or have you used anything else?

    If possible I'd like to nip it in the bud before I need antibiotics...
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  3. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Oh you poor thing! This is one of the things I suffer regularly from, although not since LL, oddly enough. Its utterly horrid & I do feel for you. The last time I had it I tried all the home remedies and the pharmacy one, and STILL ended up in agony on antibi's. :(

    Have you tried flushing it out with bicarb in water? I suspect would taste foul, but it might be enough to redress the balance, without the cranberry. If not, I would be tempted to take a remedy, as it can be so awful if allowed to get worse, I know, I 've been there often.

    DO take care of yourself, lots & lots of water, paracetamol and a hottie bottie on your tum can help too!

    lots of love {{{{HUGS TOO}}}}

  4. Helen

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    I had it a few years ago and drank cranberry juice and it did go within a couple of days, it was quite mild at that point, I am not sure it would work on a severe case.
  5. Miss_Bettany

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    Hope you're feeling a bit better today
  6. SandraEG

    SandraEG Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Thanks I am feeling a bit better today. I just upped the water a bit and it seems to be a bit better now.
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