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Cystits - advice please


has started again!!
I am prone to bouts of this, but have not had any for ages. Today I have all the symptoms and it burns like he*l.:eek::(:eek:

Is anyone aware of any remedy I can use to help clear it up, that wont affect LL please? I usually drink cranberry, or take an over the counter remedy, but I guess any of these will knock me out of ketosis. Mind you, if it gets that bad then I will just go for it, and suffer the ketosis week one effect all over again! I am not planning a binge, so hopefully I can do it.

I do try to avoid anti-biotics, as I said this is quite common for me, so it would be a bit too much to run to my GP every time.

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I was going to suggest Cranberry, but that might kick you out of Ketosis. Other than that, I think you may have to go to the Chemist for an over the counter remedy, this may not affect ketosis. Sorry I can't be any more help, but I do sympathise with you, its really dreadful and can be very painful too. Hugs hun.
This may be like taking coals to Newcastle but I've always found drinking loads of water helps!! Not sure if you're in a position to drink even more than you do - I know I feel at my maximum. I used to have cystitis a lot but seem to have stopped now. Water always helped me. Sorry I haven't got a magic solution.
Eeeek, this is a bit close to my heart, had an attack this afternoon whilst watching my friend get tattooed! I just bombed it to the nearest newsagents, bought 1.5 litres of water and glugged it all down.

I always have to do this and find it usually does the trick. If drinking lots of water doesn't do the trick, I get antibiotics, otherwise it just gets worse and worse until I do. Apparently you can get cranberry tablets at Holland and Barrett, haven't tried em and don't know if they would effect ketosis, but it might be worth a go?

Did you know some people are just prone to cystitis, and need prophylactic antibiotics?
Bicarb of Soda in some water is good and I don't think it'd knock you out of ketosis, tastes pretty rank but it neutralises the acidity.. poor you - cystitis is horrid - hope it clears very soon. xx
Aww you poor thing. I've had it a few times & its agony! Suspect it may be hereditary as my mum gets it alot too!! Have to say I get chemist stuff & sometimes that doesent work so then get antibiotics cos I cant stand the pain. My mum says drinking loads helps (no problem there then!)..hope you sort it soon! Empathetic vibes coming your way!


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Ooh Sez,

I feel for you! It's horrible when you are afraid to wee! I can only repeat advice from others - drink loads of water. What does your LLC suggest?

I've got my legs crossed for you ...


has started again!!
Morning All!!

Well, this has honestly never happened before, but after a day of just glugging enough water to fill a swimming pool, it appears to have gone! I have never had it clear up so fast or without other intervention before! Amazing! Maybe its to do with the fact that we are on such a healthy diet, with no fat and acids etc? Any ideas?

I will ask my LLC at my next WI tho, in case it happens again.


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