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'D-Day' Monday!


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Andie Walters said:
Well today is my last day of eating conventional food for a while. Starting total solution tomorrow! Bring on the weight loss! Yayy!
Good luck :)
Good luck and welcome *waves*



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Good luck for tomos, it ain't d-day either, the shakes and soups are nice!!! :D


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Welcome and good luck as you get started. Hope the first few days go quickly for you, and that you have lots of distractions lined up to help take your mind off any hunger. It's so worth it, and hope the first week loss helps keep you motivated :)
Welcome Andie!
Good luck for you're first week. We're all here to support you. I am just nearing the end of my second week and whilst i won't say it's been easy i can say i have made it easier by planning things away from as many temptations as possible.

When i've fancied food i've adopted the attitude of 'well i can cheat, i can eat whatever i want' but i choose not to as i'll be back to square one....fat and miserable.
Heres to a happy week!!


I will do this...
How are you finding it Andie :D :D
Hi Jenjen, I'm finding it ok atm. Just eagerly awaiting the ketosis bit, so hopefully won't feel quite so hungry. I'm determined to see it through tho! X


I will do this...
Ketosis won't be much longer I'm sure. When I started Ketosis came along the evening of day 4 so here's hoping :D Look out for the metallic taste in your mouth, feeling of cold. It really does get easier then :D

I look forward to seeing your post on WI day with your great first week loss :D x
I'm in ketosis! Woo! Feels like a proper achievement lol Day 4 is almost half way through, feel motivated and pleased with meself that I've stuck to it, found yesterday the hardest day so far, but feel good again today. Bring on the skinny bird inside desperate to get out! Lol


I will do this...
I found day 3 the hardest too.

Congratulations ketosis is here. Just 3 more days until WI day :) x

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