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I'm absolutely speechless at that, totally lost for words!

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How disgusting.......................'she was the playground bully that made my life hell at school'
I knew many a girl like that.
The crap that these so called journalists are allowed to write and publish is beyond me.
Words have failed me!!!!!!!!
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Hmmm....well, TBH, while I do not agree with the way the author wrote it, there are some points that I actually feel are valid.

I suppose it is just because I have just returned from America that I feel that way.

We ate 9 days on the road. The meals served in most restaurants are a heart attack on a plate. Even the "healthy" choices and options. It was really very eye-opening.

We as people, for some reason, are being plyed with larger and larger sizes of EVERYTHING. Everything is "supersize me". Seeing what my OH and Inlaws were eating was frightening. I almost always ordered salads and left a generoud portion on my plate. Enough for another meal.

I could not understand, in this day and age where health is a pretty hot topic - why do all our restaurants offer the option of GO LARGE - but never GO SMALL? I would have much preferred half a portion at half the cost. But there never is one.

I even ordered a few meals off the "Seniors" menu as they specified for lighter apetities. It was STILL HUGE! Far to much food.

I don;t agree with the sentiment - the author obviously has issues with fat people, or perhaps is a strong student of the school of tough love.

But, everyone really needs to take a look at how things are unveiling themselves, decade upon decade. There ARE far more obses people now then ever before. ANd more and more restaurants offer Supersize options now, then aver before. There does appear to be some corrolation.

Not sure if I believe it is becuase it is more OK to be fat now then before. Society certainly never made ME feel that way. But because it is so mjuch easier to get fat now - it happens far too often, and starting far too young.

There is something horribly wrong when you see an obese child. ANd you see it more and more now. Not just a "fat kid" - but obese. That is child abuse if you ask me. Yet noone lifts a finger to stop the parent allowing the child to balloon up to unsafe porportions, ya know?

Again, maybe its from returning from the states, but more and more I see the very same things occuring here, and in Europe - though mostly here and the states. So maybe its fresh in my mind.....but I do believe there are alot of areas that are well out of control that either lead to or support weight gain. ANd I don;t think its very good.

climbing off my soapbox after spewing my 42 pence worth. :D


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I don't disagree with some of the points...it's the way its written!!


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The way it was written is appalling. Reminded me of a playground bully. Truth or not that article is plain offensive.


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OMG! How angry am I right now!? Honestly this woman needs knocking out! This comment really p***ed me off! WHO THE HELL DOES SHE THINK SHE IS!?

"In the summer, I spotted a tankini in a size 28. And with no tidal wave warning."

So fat people are not allowed to go swimming now? It's good for you, you know lady, you can lose a lot of weight by swimming! I happen to have a couple of tankini's and they cover me up as much as a bloody one piece costume does. (I also have some denim mini skirts and low cut tops!!) Reading this article, made me so mad. Last week the same damn column is saying "don't lose weight, you'll die" and this week it's "don't leave the house fatty, I don't want to see you"

Screw her!

If someone said that to me in "real life", as their opinion, everyone would be absolutely shocked, and appalled. It's nothing more than bullying as far as I'm concerned. And I'm sorry the woman is a 38B, not exactly Kate bloody Moss are you sweetheart! I was a 38FF a year ago and I was an 18!

Is it any wonder that so many overweight women refuse to go swimming, or to the gym, because of drivel like this!

Honestly, she needs to learn to control her attitude! And try walking a day in the fat lady's shoes! See how you she likes the judgement that is given out. I am dieting, I am doing something about my weight. But I am not going to be a size 10 overnight. So I have to deal with this kind of bullsh*t attitude and stay hidden away until I'm thin. I don't think so!!!

Rant over now, I'm going to calm myself down!

B x


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Screw her!

Well said. This is the bit that REALLY got to me.
Not only do fat people have lots of fat friends to make them feel better, they also have a whole industry catering for them.

Heaven forbid you be fat and actually have friends shock horror. (Sarcasm intended)


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It's just pure abuse towards the bigger and better person than her.


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There is something horribly wrong when you see an obese child. ANd you see it more and more now. Not just a "fat kid" - but obese. That is child abuse if you ask me. Yet noone lifts a finger to stop the parent allowing the child to balloon up to unsafe porportions, ya know?

Not sure about that. I vaguely remember reading about a morbidly obese child in the UK, and the social services got involved in educating the mother about healthy eating. And there is a lot more done in schools now like removing vending machines etc.

That said, the whole tone of this article is deplorable. She has a point, that we are getting bigger (latest figures say that in 2010 60% of men and 50% of women in the Uk will be obese) but blaming overweight people for starting an epidemic is bang out of order! Journalists are allowed to publish a certain amount of personal opinion under "fair comment" but this is out and out bias and unpleasantness for the sake of it!


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Oh my god - I am too angry to write anything vaguely considered and methodical. I will think about this some more and come back later - perhaps with a sniper rifle and the directions to Jill Parkin's house - silly bint.

(PS. Dear GCHQ - I am kidding - if she gets shot, it wasn't me!)


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Quite plainly an article designed to inflame - the serious points get lost in the headline grabbing statements that she has made to get the article noticed
Some of her points are valid - we are getting more overweight as a nation and we can’t ignore the fact it probably is down to processed foods and the instant gratification society we live in - her idea to solve it re the turn stiles plainly ridiculous and designed to shock but it is a serious problem that no one has the answer to yet and don’t even get me started on the goverments idea about an advertising campaign!!!
I also agree with her that some clothes don’t suit overweight people (you'll never see me in a mini skirt and i do sometimes raise my eyebrows at people wearing one when it plainly doesn't suit their figure) in the same way that people should dress appropriately for their age (I'd raise my eyebrows at a 12 year old in a t shirt with sex written on it) or the occasion (I wouldn't go to a work meeting in jeans) but I welcome the fact that we don’t have to be sidelined into outsize shops because the retailers have finally realised that the average woman is a size 16 and stopping the range at 16 was losing them money (and taking the m and s bra story she told - m and s have such a good reputation for womens underwear BECAUSE they take account of all body sizes and it makes them a lot of money)
What I found most interesting about the article is the idea that it's now OK to be fat - am not sure what it's like in school now-a-days but in my day the "fat kid" was often picked on - if the change in society means the fat children don’t feel ostresisted I would see this as a good thing on the surface BUT is it really a good thing? Being grossly overweight isn’t normal it puts strain on the body and can lead to some serious medical illnesses. I was wondering if at 16 it was Ok to be fat would I have watched what I ate and therefore at least managed to stay the same (overweight but not huge) or would I have thought it makes no difference I'll eat what I want and potentially be a lot bigger than I am now.
For me it's very disappointing that what could have been a really interesting debate just became "fat bashing" because in my eyes there is a serious point here - how does society encourage people to be healthy (in terms of what they eat, exercise etc) in order to reduce health problems whilst not ostresising people who are over weight into hiding in doors, eating in secret, shopping in only certain shops, and feeling like they are a failure
Interesting picture Bekimo - it would seem the writer is not exactly immune to a few extra pounds herself (I feel justified in pointing this out because of the nature of her article and would never usually say this about another person on this forum) which makes you wonder what's going on in her head - with my ameteur pyscology head on it almost seems a form of self abuse - why would you write an article encouraging people to actively dislike people who are overweight when you are so yourself?
Long and short of it it seems to me to be yet another typical DM article which takes what could be a really interesting debate and turns it into a circus by inflaming the issue.


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what a rubbish piece of journalism - she must be sha**ing the boss to have had that printed!! LOL... thankfully her opinion will be at the bottom of the budgies cage tomorrow or chip papers (the final insult for her i think)

I think perhaps she is yet to find her vocation, with stand up like that she could be the next Jimmy Carr!!

Don't waste energy being mad - laugh, she is a silly woman (a chunky one at that with no boobage)


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