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I am the same and never sure wether to have syns just for the sake of them or not, maybe someone will have the answer. I usually will have a glass of wine to use the syns up but maybe thats mad?


I will do this!!!
I dont drink alcohol so i cant even use them for that!

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:Di think your better to use your syns as they are included the your plan. especially when you start the programme as when you lose weight you might not lose so much after a few weeks or so, so you could cut back on your syns if you begin to struggle. if you don't use your syns at the beginning you can't cut them back if your not using them. that's what my consultant tells us anyway.

you can use your syns for anything you want. i use some of mine when cooking as i would rather make my meals a bit tastier, than try to eat syn free all the time. but its up to you. good luck anyway, hope this helps


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I just dont know where to add syns during the day.


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Anything with any fat in quickly adds syns: a few nuts,some butter on your potatoes, grated cheeses on pasta, pesto in pasta, a slice of toast, some gravy made with granules, a splash of olive oil, half an avocado (mega syns), an ounce extra cereal. There's loads of choices. Go through the syn section and see what you fancy x


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I try and save up my syns for a treat in the evening, like some chocolate.. Or some days I'll use my syns in my meals like some oil for my home made chips, or a weight watchers pizza.. or some extra bread or cheese.
I'm a big bread eater though, if I ever have any syns left I like to have some bread with my tea!


I will do this!!!
well iv had 3 syns today and im trying to decide weither to have a curly wurly or packet of french fries to top my syns up