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Daily syns


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No reason to stick to the same amount every day - it's absolutely fine to vary them from day to day depending on what you are wanting to use them for.
someone suggexted to me start off at 105 syns for the week (15 per day) and count down rather than count up :)
Our consultant told us virtually the same thing, only she was allowing 10 syns a day, so she said count down from 70 syns, she told me to avoid saving them all up for the weekend!


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Basically there is no official line!

It used to be that they said categorically that you should not carry over syns from one day to the next, and that flexi synning should be used for special occasions.

Then they changed it (possibly realising that many people were doing it anyway) saying that you could save syns for the weekend as long as you didn't mind having fewer syns on the other days to make up for it. But they still advocated a minimum of 5 a day.

In the recent website redesign they have backpedalled a bit saying that that saving syns might negatively affect your losses and recommending the use of flexi syns instead. A bit of a wishy washy compromise to my mind.

So basically you need to try it and see what happens. if you are happy with your losses and means that you are more able to stay on plan then I see no problem in it.


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You don't have to use your syns on chocolate and wine! What about just ingredients in your meals like olive oil, butter, pesto, curry paste or for some extra bread, cheese, tinned fruits etc. I think it also does the soul good not to always choose the lowest syn option so you could have a deluxe yoghurt instead of fat free. That way you are not having to eat any more food but still getting the syns in.

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