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Dairy intollerance and slimfast


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hi, i would suggest you see your doctor for advice.
i make my slim fast shakes with skimmed milk.
Before i switched to maxitone i started making the shakes with Soya Milk. Although i dont have a dairy intollerance when i used milk with it i was getting terrible flatulance and gurgling stomach this stopped when i went on to the Soya milk.

The advantage also with soya milk is that it is very high in protein compared to cows milk.
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Before I started Slimfast I thought I had a dairy intolerance - every time I drank milk, or ate cheese (which wasn't that often), I'd be straight on the toilet, it was awful. But since starting Slimfast and drinking more milk because of it, I've been fine :confused:


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you can make the powders up with dairy free things like soya milk and goats milk etc... but i wouldnt suggest having the premade ones.


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have u considered using asdas dropweight powders which is made up with water, i havent tried it yet myself tho and im not sure what the ready made ones are made off but its another possible option
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in the us/canada you can make the slimfast shakes up with water, im not sure if you can do this here aswell or not, try sending them an email!


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How handy would it be to mix them with water! The i wouldn't have to carry milk to work with me.


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I'm not an expert by any means, but I think one of the main ingredient of the powders is skimmed milk powder, which I assume is still dairy?!

Also if you're using water you'd have to somehow make up the calcium with supplements ir your diet wouldn't be balanced?

Sorry to be negative but I would t touch it til you've spoke to your doctor!!



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Hi All, my first post here. Lots of great info & motivation from all of you, thanks, I've been lurking for a few weeks. :)

I started on meal replacements just this week. I don't like to eat much dairy, so I make up 2 meals worh with 500ml of soya milk and one scoop of SF and one scoop of soya protein isolate. That way I feel fuller for longer too, cos of less sugar and more protein. I have half for brekkie and put the rest in a bottle to take to work.

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