Daughters wanting to diet!


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Hi everyone

Still quite new here, and loving the forum.:)
I have two daughters, one at Uni doing a degree in Dance and one at Uni doing an MA and living in London.:family2:
Both want to lose a bit of weight, but they would only need to lose a stone, if that, to remain healthy and without getting too obsessed with their eating habits.
My eldest daughter, now 23 had anorexia as a 13 year old and I am sure I do not need to say how agonising that period of our lives was.
:cry::cry::cry:However she is now absolutely healthy and okay with her eating as has been for a few years.She loves food and has put on more than she feels comfortable with, over the years.The dancer, 21 in April, is very fit but comfort eats when away from home/boyfriend!
It's a difficult situation but I now give the girls tips from slimming World and they love the idea and have both taken to it with much enjoyment (they can't believe how much they can eat!);)
I always say to them don't take it too seriously but I do feel it is a good diet for them to be on,to help them learn what a good healthy diet is.
It's lovely to share ideas with them and feels comfortable, despite the past.
Anyone else experienced this with daughters?
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I don't have a daughter dieting to compare or comment.

However I think SW ceased to be a diet a long time ago for me. It is such a healthy and nutritious way to eat it is just the way I eat. I would recommend and encourage it for anyone young or old.

I recently had a bit of a blip, falling of the wagon bit style. All I can say is that now I am back on track I feel so well again. I hated the bloated, uncomfortable feeling of eating off plan.

If they were my daughters I would be delighted that they want to do SW.

Good luck with your own new eating life style.

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I don't have any daughters (or any children for that matter), but I have recovered from Bulimia.

I have tried other diets that have made me relapse a couple of times, mostly because of the restriction. SW is the first diet I have come across that doesn't encourage weight loss in the same way. I think being able to eat as much pasta or chicken etc as I want really takes away the temptation to binge (I don't *need* 2 bowlfuls of pasta, but having the option there makes me feel better so I only eat 1.. If that makes sense? Lol). of course, once the temptation to binge has gone, there's no need to purge.

I think it is ok to let your daughters do this as long as they don't see it as a diet, but more as a healthier way of life. I think it's better that they try to lose weight through SW than falling into old habits. It's more of a controlled weight loss.

Is your daughter open to talking about her anorexia? Could you possibly discuss your concerns with her? I've not been recovered long, only about a year at most & one of my main concerns (& OH's) was that it would cause me to relapse. Talking about this really helped & knowing that we would both be on the look out for warning signs so it can be nipped in the bud as soon as possible.


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S: 13st2lb C: 12st12.5lb G: 11st2lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st3.5lb(1.9%)
I really appreciate your reply.:)
So many people will not talk about these issues.
My daughter, who was ill, is so very well now, I believe it is the right time for her to use slimming world, not as a diet but to help her eat healthily.
She lives in London with oh but we are very open about everything and chat a lot on the phone.
I can look for any warning signs when I see her. I wouldn't say as a Mum I don't worry about it, but nothing more than being aware and being prepared to talk to her if necessary.
She is a high achiever and puts pressure on herself to excel at everything. We have no idea where this comes from as never encouraged this, and where she gets her brains from, well I don't know!:D
Of my 3 children (son is 24) she is high maintenance, bless her, but we are always there for her!:D
The other daughter has had no weight issues before but she just wants to finish Uni and come home, bless her.
Dancers are always concious of their looks so she probably compares herself to others!:sigh:
Well done to you for being so positive and I wish you well and hope you enjoy slimming world as I do!;)


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Hi Hg, I have two daughters both of whom have the same battle with their weight as myself. They have both been very good at keeping it within "reasonable" bounds but my eldest, who is on a lot of meds for RA, is having an awful time losing hers. However, did encourage her to join this forum (Irish Lady) and she has also joined WW. Now she finds the pounds are shifting, at last, and is really delighted.
It is fabulous to see the family doing well and I wish you all the very best with yours...:)