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Davina DVD


Loves Norman Reedus
my mum has just bought the new dvd. i have watched a bit of it.

what it is, is there are two 40 min workouts, with the option of increasing it with several 10min sections. now i want to know at which point of the the 40 min work out do you add the 10min section.
do i do the 40 min work out, stop it before the cool down and then do a 10 min section, then try and find out the cool down, or is there a seperate section for the cool down. :wave_cry:
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I watched the trailer of this on Play.com, thinking of getting it and from what I have read (in reviews), you add the 10 whenever you want, don't think theres a hard and fast rule, I personally would add the at the end but before the cool down. Or if you select to do the extra 10 mins will it automatically slot it in for you?

Do you need weights to go with the DVD if so do you know what size, ie 2kg, 3kg?

Hope you enjoy it, have heard great things about her dvds.


Loves Norman Reedus
thats the problem, if you have to stop the dvd, to get to the extra ten mins, then go back to the original work out to find the cool down, that might take a lot of time. i will start doing the dvd on Friday.

as to weights, i have 2lb weights as i found that the 1lb weights didn't do much for me.

i have all her other dvd's apart from the pregnancy one. I like them all other than the second one.
I read the blub that goes with the new one and it gives the impression that you can select to do the 50 min version - which is of course the 40min plus the extra 10 mins, so going from that I would say if you select the 50 mins version it will automatically put the extra 10 mins in the right place, ie before the cool down - thats what I understand from the back of the case would happen.


Loves Norman Reedus
i will look this evening, but when i looked at it initially, it had the 2 40min workouts at the top and then 3 ten min work outs at the bottom. i didnt see any for 50 mins.
Tara, I'm sure youve worked this out now, but I watched the DVD through last night and at the main menu theres the top line with 2 choices - super sculpt and super fit, underneath that theres four options, the first one being super pump - these are the 50 min options, I watched super pump through and its def 50 mins and you don't need to stop the DVD.

Hope that helps.
I did the superpump 50 min one Tuesday, it was hard but I enjoyed it.

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