Step 1 Sole Source Day 1! 2 stone to lose. Anyone want to buddy up?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by ShutFeeUp, 17 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. ShutFeeUp

    ShutFeeUp Member

    Hello all!
    I have tried this plan in the past but have never made it past the first few days. I have no willpower and cave so easily but enough is enough! I have just come back from a great holiday in Ireland but when I refused to have pictures taken of me I knew it was time to do something about it!
    I work nights so I have just had my first shake. I WILL do this!
    Anyone want to buddy up? I need all the help i can get!
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  3. navkd23

    navkd23 New Member

    Hey. I would be happy to buddy up ?
    I want to lose 2 stone too. My first time doing CWP. I am on day 9 lost 4lbs so far! Once you get past the first couple of days it gets easier x
  4. ShutFeeUp

    ShutFeeUp Member

    Yes please! Im starting tomorrow properly, it is so difficult but we will do it!! :) xxx
  5. Artyjoe

    Artyjoe Regular Member

    I started today (my fifth restart since 2005) and have two stones to lose...I actually have 2.5 stones to lose but my first goal is 13 pounds, second is 2 stones, third is 2.5 :)

    I've had my shake, water and cup of tea as I'm doing SS+ and all good so far.

    I've planned my bath tonight to coincide with the family dinner and then I'm out to a pub to drink tea or sparkling water with a friend...I thought I'd do this on day one when resilliance is high rather than risk being social a week in :)

    I'm debating whether to tell my friends I'm back on it, this way I won't be confronted with loads of temptation by people who don't realise I'm back on it...not sure...any advice?
  6. ShutFeeUp

    ShutFeeUp Member

    Im only telling a few people so they wont tempt me to go out, but i also know that they dont approve! They dont think that the diet is safe...

    If youre friends are supportive then tell them! If you think you have enough will power to still be social and not cheat then you dont have to tell them xxx
  7. Artyjoe

    Artyjoe Regular Member

    I told my sister today - we are going to a wedding next Saturday and she spent five minutes trying to convince me why it is okay to have a day scoffing at the wedding and then go straight back on the shakes...I've obviously ignored her but now realise I won't tell anyone until that wedding is out of the way!
  8. ShutFeeUp

    ShutFeeUp Member

    Good plan! Im on a night shift and i've eaten 3 biscuits and 3 yogurts! So annoyed with myself! Back on it 100% tomorrow! I can do it when i'm at home but cant do it at work!! Grrr xxx
  9. AuburnAshes

    AuburnAshes Full Member

    Hiya - I've just finished day 2, and am also aiming to lose 2st.

    I'm not telling anyone that I'm doing CD. I did it once before, about 6 years ago, and I used to get so fed up of hearing the same lectures from folk. If they'd bothered to actually research the diet and still felt it was unhealthy, I'd have listened to their opinion, but they never did!

    Not sure how it will work when I go out, but fortunately that happens so rarely it's unlikely to be an issue!

    Good luck with the diet. It's so hard when you have changes to your routine isn't it? I've got some of the ready-made shakes to have when I'm at work, so I don't have to faff around with mixing and blending, but it is still going to take a lot of willpower not to cave and go for lunch to the pub downstairs!!
  10. Ghaya

    Ghaya New Member

    hey guys, I'd love to have buddies on CWP. I really want to stick to it:D

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