Day 1 after having swine flu

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by lola123, 14 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. lola123

    lola123 Silver Member

    I should of been a sept starter but Ive had swine flu and needed to get better, Ive had 3 packs with 1 to go, its been hard because Ive also given up smoking but know I can do this. Meeting is tomorrow night and with only 2 days on LL I know will not see much of a loss. I will be on here daily now need the support xxx
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  3. pete10141748

    pete10141748 Postaholic

    Welcome! I had swine flu recently too, glad you're feeling better as it's a horrid thing to catch! You might still see some loss for only 2 days, though chances are you won't even be into Ketosis so you're right not to expect much. But just think, next week you'll have 7 days of full-on Ketosis loss, which I bet will be a great loss! :)
  4. daisydoll

    daisydoll Gold Member

    good luck!
    daisy x
  5. peony

    peony Silver Member

    You are right, you can do this, really well done packing in the cigs too. Just think how in a few months your body will be benefitting so much from being slimmer and not smoking.
    Wishing you all the very best - and as Pete says, you will be packing an amazing loss next week after a full 7 days and hopefully a bit will come off this week.
  6. Sean(JSF)

    Sean(JSF) Making it all add up

    Welcome Lola & good luck :)
  7. Foxtrot

    Foxtrot Is back in the saddle!

    Hi and welcome!

    Good luck with the double whammy. It's all in your mind with the cigarettes. You don't actually need them to survive so that's the easier of the two to give up. LL will help you sail through the dieting thing so you should be on a good course for a whole new you in the New Year!
  8. LaydeeBug

    LaydeeBug Full Member

    Good Luck Lola!

    I smoked when I had a glass or 2 of wine, but I haven't touched one in over 6 weeks now since starting LL.

    I don't know why I ever touched the things as I can't stand to smell them on other people now ~ don't miss them at all. xx :)
  9. lola123

    lola123 Silver Member

    Thanks very much everyone. I have done this last year and know its an incredible diet, but have slipped somewhat after losing my job. However everything is back to normal so decided to get back on LL. I know this site helps so much and I will be back on here tonight to start my sticker. Love Lola xxx

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