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Day 1 - another restart


To infinity and beyond!


The Me Is Back.........

Have done Cambridge before, but struggling to get past day 4, sometimes don't even manage day 1!!!
Restarting again today (this will be the one) Just sipping my first pint of the day.

Hi Holly this is day 1 restart as well for me, i havnt even thought about water yet, Hope all goes well, give me a yell anytime.



Still Climbing That Hill!

Another restart for me this morning with sheer determination this time!!!
Good luck to all you restarters / returners (of which I am one!)

Let's get glugging and see this thing through! :)


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Good luck to everyone restarting....I restarted a couple of weeks ago, it is hard to do it again.......we can and will get this blasted weight off.


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Good Luck Eveyone

Im starting today too all though not a restarter. Know its going to be hard but WE can do it x
good luck with the re start...I hope its going well for you!
I love it when you go to bed and can tuck another day nder your belt!
Keep up the good work honey XX


To infinity and beyond!
Day one - okay so far, a sunny day might have helped the water go down, this is hot chocolate weather :D
i have had a bad few days now .i am restarting tomorrow i have about 25 days before i see my cdc so i am aiming at a stone loss.
god luck everyone


To infinity and beyond!
Good luck with your restart.
Good luck to all the returners, great to see you x
Don't know whether I should be here really as I'm only going to be back on CD for a couple of weeks. :eek:

I've got about 14lbs left to lose and have decided to use up my last packs on CD1000 and then go on to weightwatchers.

I've been faffing around since January and barely getting away with eating all the wrong food, my weight's gone up by 10lbs and I know that if I don't do something about it now I'm going to end up back at 12st.:eek:

So today is my short-term cd re-start. Can I join in?:D
Grit those teeth SuZann and don't listen to the critic! What does he know eh?! Does he live in your body? Does he have to cope with how you feel each day? Does he know what it's like to have to live in a body that doesn't feel like yours? No he doesn't!

I'm sorry if I offend but it makes me so mad when people try to control us with words! It's bullying and we don't have to listen to it.

You said you've only got yourself to answer to, so listen to yourself. There's a strong woman inside you who needs to be brought out and I'm sure once you've done that the critic will shut up and see how lucky he is that she wants to be with him.

"He might pipe down and let me get on with it"? It seems to me that you want to lose weight for all the right reasons so you don't need his permission to carry it through hun.;)
HI To everyone,I'm restarting today after 6 weeks off! so to speak. Went this morning but didnt want to be weighed until next week. I know the damage I've done myself about 6lbs and am refusing to change my ticker till next week and it hopefully goes the right way. Have got a busy few weeks ahead so this is the best time for me no time to think. I know how good I was feeling 6 weeks ago and I want to feel like that again. Mind you the damage could have been far worse!
Good luck everyone we all know we can do it,
Hi SuZann,

Glad I didn't offend! I shouldn't have said it was bullying, I realise that now. I think my own negative experiences had influenced my reply after writing about it on another thread earlier today. A bit like bringing work problems home with me I suppose lol! :eek: :D

I know you'll get lots of support here on Minimins hun.:D :D

Hi all,

Day 1 for me again today.

Lost nearly 5 stone and then havn't really been back on it since Xmas properly.

I can tell i'm putting weight on with my clothes although they all still fit (at the moment)

Got another 3 stone to go and i will get there

Good luck to everyone

Jo xx

I started CD last week, have my first weigh in tomorrow night so hoping my first week has gone okay!

I've had a couple of nights where I haven't slept properly, is that fairly normal?



To infinity and beyond!
Hi Brownie,

How was weigh in?

I find I either need loads of sleep or hardly any when I am SSing.

Good luck
I restarted yesterday but pretty much at original start weight so not good for me! I couldn't even face weighing yesterday, but went for it today.

I always think ss will will be easy but it's really really not! Good luck guys! Xx

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