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Day 1 - anyone want a buddy?!


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To give a bit of history... in 2005 I was about 14st 7lbs, and from Jan 2006 to Nov 2007 I managed to get down to 12st 12 by eating better and exercising more. I got stuck at that point, so started LT, which I did properly for 1 month (losing a stone) and then did partially for a month (losing half a stone, taking me to 11st 5lbs and close to goal - especially challenging over Christmas!)

I stopped at that point, but hadn't done a proper refeed programme etc - however, I did manage to stay under 12 stone for 14 months. Then I had the contraceptive implant - BIG mistake - I piled on a horrifying 2 stone in a month, and a further stone over 2 months. Given the fact I was working full time with horses and teaching dancing in the evenings, ie VERY active, it was quite something to suddenly be back to 14 and a half stone!

Then I quit that job to train as a teacher, and so put on more weight. Over the last year while I have been training, I have been yo-yoing around the 15st mark. In January this year I decided to make a determined effort to lose weight, but despite being (mainly!!) very committed to healthy eating, the lowest I got to was 14st 7lbs. In 7 months, that's pretty pathetic!!

So I decided it was time to return to LT. I hope to get to 11st on TFR, and will then do a SLOW refeed (over at least a month) and will probably use the maintanance shakes on a fairly long term basis, as I have always struggled with eating ANY breakfast and healthy lunches elude me.

So here I am, today is day 1 and I have already had a mint-hot-choc shake. They weren't as tastu as I remember, which I think means the flavours must get 'better' as the memory of yummy food fades!!
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Good luck on your first week back on Lipotrim.

I've been on it for a little while now but haven't done so great at it. I started it again properly and am now on my third day of doing it correctly. I'm determined this time to do it right.


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome back Bren.

I've been on LT now 100% for 13 weeks. Must say it's the best diet I've ever done, not saying it's the easiest but definitely the best for results.

Good luck on restarting and stay strong, drink plenty of that lovely CO2 and the weight will start to drop off.
hi bren
i have just started LT and im on day 4
good luck with your first week back x
you sound like me,although this is my first ever time trying lipotrim,have lost 10 stone 10 ponds through diet and excercise,but recently gained 3 stone in a few months due to being unable to excercise,am really nervous about my weigh in tomorrow,would be delighted to be your buddy,here's shakin at you kid.good luck
Hi Bren,

I will be starting tomorrow.

I have never tried a meal replacement diet before so I do need help!

I'd love to buddy up with someone, it should make life easier, shouldn't it??
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How's it going now Bren? I started today so hopefully we'll be here for a long time together!

Have decided I'm going to post here every time I feel the willpower going (hubby cooking very delicious dinner in the kitchen atm) and I can talk nineteen to the dozen at the best of times, so expect plenty of posts!


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The more the merrier, and I definitely agree that posting when will power is slipping is the way to succeed! How's everybody doing at the moment? I've not found it difficult so far, although didn't manage to drink as much as I should today so feeling a little thirsty. I weighed myself this morning (bad after just 2 days, I know) and have already lost 5lbs! I also measured myself to answer a friend's query and have lost an inch from waist, under boobs and hips! Can't wait for proper weigh in :D


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Yay! I ALWAYS do sneaky weigh-ins myself, just love to see the pounds come off. ;)

Doing well today (day 2), bit headachey so am pumping peppermint tea into me. Work was busy so I didn't have time to think about food till I got home!

How about you?
Really well thank you, end of day 5 for me now and I had another of those sneaky weigh-ins tonight before my 3rd shake and have lost 8.2lbs! It's certainly excellent motivation to see the numbers go down. I've had a few naughty food thoughts today, but not cravings as such and I think related to TOTM so found it quite easy to squash them with more water! How's you day 3 gone?


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Great. Headache thankfully gone, drinking bucketloads, still quite hungry but keeping the faith. And only two days till my first weigh-in ;0)

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