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day 1 cd feeling depressed


Day one is the start of the journey :)

Believe me within a few weeks you won't believe how much fun this diet can be!! I can remember myself in your position back in September 2005 and it seemed such a tough job but actually when you start shrinking so quick the smiles kick in.

If you check my diary www.mycambridgelife.co.uk you will see my first post is similar to yours!!

But this diet works!! You can be slim and get back the life you deserve and want, you just have to start believing and you can create magic.

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thank you i will have a look its my first day of many and today i finally did not cheat i really want to do this i just want a life again, thanks please keep in touch :):wave_cry:


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Charleen all of us have been there, you're not alone! Icemoose is right, this diet does work... and that's a great feeling. I am almost five weeks in and have lost a stone and a half, which has made me feel so much better I cannot even begin to tell you. I felt scared that first day too, it seemed so drastic, but CD has given me back some control over my eating and I have more energy and focus than I have for years.
Give it a few days and you will settle into it. It's tough to be starting off just before Xmas, but you can do it - if I can, you can! I had failed on so many diets yet this one, which I felt would be the hardest, has brought out a determination in me to face the challenge and turn my life around.
Start looking at the positive stuff - you've made a start, taken this step. You want things to be different... you know they have to be. Now find the courage to stick with it and give it a chance... and use the forum, it's a great support when you're feeling alone. We are all in this together, and we CAN do it!!!

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Charleen, wait 'til you get on those scales for your 1st weigh in, you'll soon realise that it's all worth it in the end. You'll find new motivation and it will spur you on. Good Luck hun x
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charleen, doing this diet is not as hard once you get into it as living with weight. you will soon feel so proud of yourself for what you are achieving, even before you get weighed you can know that you are taking steps to deal with it. you can do no more than stick to the programme and drink the water and shakes. Don't worry about anything else. You WILL lose weight and you will feel such as sense of achievement even as early as the beginning of next week
Stick at it babe it will be probably the best thing you have ever done. Have a look at the inspiration slide show above. I will be dipping in and out of minimins most of the day so keep in touch
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One out of 3 shakes missed !!!!!!!

I love the support its make this all worth while, i stuck to it for the first time last night...yeahhh now i know i feel good , i made a mistake last night i went to merry hill shopping and did not get back till after 9 so i only had two shakes yestarday but was scared i would ruin it so went straight to bed with a glass of water has anyone every missed a shake before??? :)
S: 20st13lb C: 20st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 63.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
That so trues shake and water , everything else is niot worth think about, i fel so much better today i feel like i can really do this :) i am even going swimming today Thanks :)
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hi charleen, I can't say i've never missed a shake but you shouldn't because its a third of your daily nutrition. It gets easier to manage after a couple of weeks as you will be able to have bars which are more transportable (and quite yummy too). I tend to have a hot chocolate in bed to have my third one, this may work for you too. Don't miss any today and you could even have the one you missed today. Are you working today or do you have time on your hands
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good idea going swimming, it will help you get into ketosis quicker and then you will feel a lot better. Take it easy on yourself though , remember your doing this to take care of yourself. you don't have to have a major workout to lose the weight and normal swimming will make sure you keep toned.
I struggle with lots of exercise on ss as I don't have loads of extra energy (worst one was hill walking after 6 weeks of sole source, and thought I was going to collapse), so if you are planning any major energy expenditure talk about it with you CDC in advance for the best advice (when I go hill walking as is planned for the 30th I up my programme to 810 for a couple of days before) - what am I trying to say in a waffly way is , this programme can fit round your life, not your life having to fit exclusively round the programme. Your CDC is the most valuable resource you have to fight this battle, mine is fab, she had heard all the excuses before, doesn't judge me, and is always there for me
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i am working Mon- fri 8-5pm so this is easy at work its at home i tend to struggle, will i still go in ketosis havingtwo shakes but gret i can have it today even better :) yum yum
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my cdc is Fab!! she was actually a work collegue then i accidentially found out she did this diet, she has lost weight herself and when i tried this diet before and failed she never judged me, when did you start? how much have you lost? are you on ss? I think your great i love the control i feel i am having over my addiction to food :)
S: 16st1lb C: 13st10lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 31 Loss: 2st5lb(14.67%)
you'll only be in ketosis when your body has burned off the carbohydrate that its stored. Shakes are limited carbohydrates, so your not adding to it. 2 shakes is bad as its not giving you all the nutrition you need. just stick to the programme and you'll get there. Come on here if you feel that your losing it and talk to people or play the arcade games. I write lists of things I need to do at home for when I'm not working eg clean out cupboards, scrub the bathroom, anything to keep me busy, I find that I have to change my routine. If you normally sit in the evening watching the tv with wine and dips then don't sit and watch the tv, do something else. get the moisturiser out or colour your hair or do your nails (french manicuring your toe nails takes ages)
anything to get you away from the food
You'll be fine
S: 16st1lb C: 13st10lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 31 Loss: 2st5lb(14.67%)
charleen, I'm on SS, had the flu last week and was on loads of pills and potions from doc which has messed me up really, struggling to get back into ketosis but am just sticking to the programme and trying my best. Its good to talk to you as although i've been on it a while at the moment I'm in a similar boat to you.
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good idea i have some ironin need doing tonight , i really wanna do this ,Thanks you its daytwo and io dontfeel so bad but still dreadin my birthday and xmas
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hi, im on day 16 and i wee`d like mad for 2 days then it just went as normal, so yes it will deffo settle down, your body is just getting rid of all the excess water, hence why many people lose a massive amount in their first week!
good luck :)

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