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Day 1 - Determined

Morning All

I have restarted CD more times than I care to mention, some journeys successful and some not.

Something kicks you up the butt though and for me it was my daughter-in-law's recent facebook status update which read "I'd like to wish my wonderful husband a happy 5th wedding anniversay". What that basically means to me is that I have been on CD for over 5 years and never completed the journey!

So since that status update I have been planning, I have seen my long suffering CD councellor and committed to this plan for the last time! My friends and family all know my intention to do 12 weeks minimum 100% SS. Few think I can manage it without the Friday night large vodka to get over the week lol but to be fair they have all pretty much 'seen it all before'. I am very determined this time though to take things one day at a time. I'm revisiting all the shakes flavours to see if I like any of them again rather than just sticking to the choc tetras to broaden my choice which will hopefully help

So my menu today is:

Breakfast: Pecan thingy porridge - disgusting! I will never be putting that in my mouth again, hoping the original will be better.

Lunch: Choc Tetra (love these, I know they will become my mainstay again)

Tea: Fruits of the forest shake - in the blender with ice (I'll let you know).

Not sure what the rules for this forum currently are and don't want to be breaking them - are we allowed to discuss food as long as we are not cheating or eating or is it taboo.

Hoping to get to know some of you better in the coming weeks.

PGD :)
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Hi Poppy, good luck! I'm on day 7 but my CDC is away until next week so no weigh in until she gets back! I totally agree with you about the pecan porridge yuck!
My biggest hurdle is also the Friday night vodka! I'm going to sip fizzy water and pretend it's a V&T!!
Sue x
Thanks Sue and fingers crossed for your first weigh in, looking at your tracker you have about the same to lose as me, hopefully we can help each other along. I always feel a bit like a lush when I tell people that I find the vodka harder to give up than the food, in fact its the thought process of 'how bad can a couple of vodkas be' that leads to the cheating with food for me!

This time it is abstinance all the way, fed up with among lots of other reasons shelling out for CWP only to ruin it for myself by cheating, I might just as well have taken the money out in the garden and burnt it.

Speak to you soon - PGD x
Fruits of the forest shake - yuck. Thankfully had a choc tetra to hand in the fridge so all is well. 3.5 litres of water down and about 5 black coffees. Is the coffee bad I wonder or does it all count towards your water intake?

Anyway with a 5am start looming I'm off to bed.

Night all - PGD x
Day 2 - I'm launching the porridge, yuck!

Morning all

Day 2 and I've just text my CDC to see if I can swap packs for tetras. I now remember why I didn't like them, any of them! Me and any form of kitchen utensil are never going to be good together so blending a shake last night was doomed from the start, the bits of mixture left in it made me gag and therefore I need my tetras back, I know that restricts me to 3 flavours but sa la vie.

This morning I thought I'd give the original porridge a try - yuck, that's a definate no. Horrid.:wave_cry:

Enough negativity, I'm 500ml of water down already starting on my 2nd, I feel better than I have in ages in just 24 hours and I'm still determined to complete my journey this time.

Can anyone suggest a good graph, I want to track my progress to see what average weight loss etc is.

Anyways - hope you all have a fab day.

PGD x :)
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I hope day 2 is going well for you, im the same as you i only ever have choc tetra they are my favourite and bars :)
Hi Gemma - thank you, I'm on the 3rd litre (6th 500ml bottle) of water, finding that easier than I previously have to be honest which is good, had a yummy choc tetra for lunch, going to CDC this evening at 7pm to change all other flavours and varieties to choc/banana/strawberry tetras. I know this sounds limiting but you need to look forward to what you have on this as its tough.

Hope you are having a good day - PGD x
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better to have all the same thing than go off track cos you dont like your products ! - I haven't tried the tetras yet - sounds like I may be missing out !
definately liz they are, I really enjoy them. You do have to drink a bit more water but hey ho. Thinking of starting a diary as this is becoming a bit of a constant update, going to read through a couple tonight and see if I could do something like it :) - PGD x


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I totally hate those lumps in the shakes. I blend mine and then put them through a wire sieve. A lot of messing about and drips all over the worktop but it's worth it. Expecially as I'm not usually quite awake when I make my first shake of the day. But wouldn't you think they would be able to produce a powder that didn't go lumpy. Choc tetra is my favourite too. I wish they'd make a cappuchino tetra. Mmm yum.
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For a graph, take a look at the Graph or spreadsheet sticky on the main CD forum, i thnk the link is on page 14.
thanks Sapphire blue - I'll have a look see :)