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Day 1 Diet Chef


The Me Is Back.........
my hamper arrived around lunch time, although i should say it was 4 box loads of food.
At first sight the amount of food looks very daunting even more so as i need to find another 1000 calories a day in extras to start with. or to put into context 200g of dairy milk or 4 mars bars.

Im really struggling to see how this going to work, so is my wife me having spent £210 on my first 35 day order and i still need to buy fruit and veg etc.
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On A Mission!
Oh please tell us how you get on with this and what you think of it. If it works for you its cheap! Even if you do have to buy fruit and veg.


The Me Is Back.........
many thanks have been out and brought some proper scales going to be using them from now on ticker wil be amended to show a slighter lower loss but for the sake of consistancy.....


is going to loose!
It is alot of money and probably due to men using more calories.

Martin perhaps you could cook some of these meals yourself, cheaper, now that u know the portion size and ingredients? Just take a photo and write down the ingredients of each meal? Just a thought if next month u are wallet conscious.



The Me Is Back.........
It is alot of money and probably due to men using more calories.

It is a lot but due to my shifts i was finding i was grabbing a quick sandwich or pasty or sausage roll or soomething when i got to london, sandwich drink and crisps at waterloo station not much change out of £4 and that was without having meal at home.

with dc i can grab a shake or snack have some fruit with it and days where im ore organised 2 mins in a microwave and my soup is hot the only extra im buying is fruit, milk and vegetables and the odd bread roll.
I guess it is because of the calories. Bren's idea is a good one to make them yourself but if you say that you find it easier then its whats right for you. I wish i could afford that much tho! Oh wedding shows I am currently very addicted to them.

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