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Day 1 down

Hi All

Just nearing day 1 and man oh man it was hard!!!

I have some questions if you dont mind?

Is day one always hard? Will I always miss food?

Is it really worth it? I mean I committed myself to a week and at that Im like how can I do it for a week..or even after...did you all feel this way?
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Well done, first day nearly over! Have to say i got on ok my first week, think it was because i had it so drummed into my head that this was what i needed to do..so i found i had great will power the first week. it was the week after that i had trouble with,but not long after i found minimins and it has helped on many a hungry evening! Have a look at some of the other stories, just looking at peoples tickers can help!! Hope you find it bit easier tomorrow!!:)
Hi there the first few days is hard I found it really hard untill around week five last time I did it but finding ok this time round you will if your like me always want certain foods cause you know how good they taste good and you know you like them!!!! But once in ketosis around day three to four you won't be hungry keep at it cause it's really worth it the results speak volumes:)


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Hi All

Just nearing day 1 and man oh man it was hard!!!

I have some questions if you dont mind?

Is day one always hard? Will I always miss food?

Is it really worth it? I mean I committed myself to a week and at that Im like how can I do it for a week..or even after...did you all feel this way?
Hi and welcome!!

Why does it matter about day one, it's over and you hopefully won't do it again!:)

There will be days where at moments you will miss food, yes but not always hun, no!

Yes it is worth it, if you want to lose the weight badly enough that is!

Doing just a week is no good for you as you will mainly lose water and as soon as you eat it will go back on. I can promise you after you get weighed you will want to carry on anyway.
Yes hun it's hard for all of us and i;m sure everyone wonders how the hell they are going to do it for as long as they originally planned. What can i say except it is a hard diet, you need to want it badly and to have strong will power but the results if you do it right are sooooo worth it! hth:D


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I found days 2 and 3 hardest but after they were out the way the hunger pangs started subsiding and then the first weigh in spurred me on for another week. It's only really this week (week 4) that i've found it really easy - don't think about food every minute and i'm not obsessing over my diet. I have more energy than before. So if you can just get through week 1 and it's all good from there!!

And just keep coming back to the forum - there's no way I could have got this far without it.

Good luck


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I couldnt stomach the shakes at first either and just had to get them down as soon as I could. It really threw me on the first day as I had expected that they would taste ok. I panicked and thought "This was my last chance and I can't stand them how am I going to do this???"

I stuck with and day two and day three came and went. The first week was very hard and long and I have always in the past found my willpower flailing. This time I got through week one although on day four I caved and had some cheese.

It was like I was possessed, I had been obsessing about the fact I couldnt eat almost every which is just self destructive and did no good at all.

I felt really bad but thought it happened just carry on. I then had my first weigh in and lost 9lbs. The high feeling from that kept me going and spurred me on. I realised that nothing I have ever done in the past resulted in such a loss and realised I wasnt failing I was succeeding.

Week 2 was still hard but better than week 1. And so on. I now find that I do not obsess about food. I can shop for food without craving it. Sure I still "fancy" something just like anyone else. That feeling when you think "ooooh I could really do with a ham sandwich" but that is just normal and I hear everyone say things like that but you dont have to act on it. Acknowledge it and think it wont be long before you can have that ham sandwich only this time you will savour every mouthful and appreciate the taste.

I now find I love cooking and the smell of food but no longer want to have it all! I can sit with my family and watch them eat seeing them appreciate the flavours and I sit there 23lbs lighter having my shake knowing that every thing I do counts towards my goal.

Its not an easy ride at first. But it does get easier. Very hard to believe at first. Especially when you start out and you cant stand the only thing you are supposed to be living off of.

I can honestly say I really enjoy and savour the chicken soup now and love the vanilla for my breakfast. Still havent tried the flapjacks they were traumatic enough in the begining but I will eventually give them a go.

I have to say the only way I can have the shakes is blitzing them in the blender. It really does make all the difference.

I would say try it for a month but taking each day at a time. Dont obsess about how long you have to do. I did that at first and it just panicked me. It still feels like I only started a few days ago what I mean is it only seems like a couple of days ago I had a meal when in fact it has been 4 weeks.

Good luck and keep on going. xxxx
(sorry its so long, I do get a bit carried away sometimes!!)


Don't Worry Be Happy
stick with it :)it gets easier and good luck:)
thanks guys

all the replies really help... its hard and its nice to know there are people there doing it aswell ..

i would like to do it for 2 months as i have 2 stone to lose but i want to see how i get on and no pressure myself.. i know if i do that i have some chance of seeing it till the v end..

thanks again and ill keep you posted as to how i do
I wish you all the best of luck! :)

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