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DAY 1: HELP how quickly can I drink the water???


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Hi guys, this is my first day on CD. I know how much I have to drink...that's a problem in itself, but, I'm told I have to just sip the water!! I know I can't guzzle the whole 4 lts (even if I could) as it would go straight through me, it does anyway though. I have worked out my water and it's all measured up in plastic bottles in my fridge so at least it'll be cold and not warm ..yuk!! It'll be about 12 ish of my big glass beakers per day, can I drink one every say 45 mins, and can I drink it in one go?? or do I have to make it last?? If so,,, how long for???

Sorry, but I need to be precise, I don't want to jepardise my diet or my health by drinking the water incorrectily. Please help me:cry:
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Hiya Sophia

Just treat the water like a water wheel in that little and often is better than one big amount.

Don't be too precise though, maybe go for 1 litre before 12, litre between 12 and 3, one litre between 3 and 6, and then a litre before bed.



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cheers icemoose, I'll give it a go...

well done on your weight loss by the way, I have seen various posts from you, you are very helpful. Also, I hope you're tummy is getting less painful for you. I think I'll need a tummy tuck too if I'm good and lose all my weight, it's a very scary thought, if I get to goal I'll hunt ya down for some personal advice.

Thanks again icemoose.
ttfn :)
Hi Sophia,
Experiment with the temp of the water...
Cold water is sometimes much harder to drink, some people on here have a glass of warm water <nice with the berry flavouring>
Also use fizzy water too this is lovely with the flavourings and can really break the monotony of plain water.

Good luck for today!

Oooo yes..... looking at your post above!!!!
It's not 'if you lose all your weight', It's WHEN!!!!! think positive from now on in!!!


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Drinking the water gets easier, I promise! The first day you're still full of food but as the days go on you'll find it easier. I keep my bottle with me everywhere I go and just keep sipping. For your kidneys sake you shouldn't do anything ridiculous like drinking 2 litres in 10 mins, spread it out throughout the day.

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