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Day 1, need some buddies ....


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Hi Everyone,
This is day 1 of my new life and wondered if anyone else has recently started and wanted get through it together? I have loads to lose so you will see me on here all the time as the time seems to go by so fast when i am on here so its a good distraction from thinking about food, i had the porridge this morning which normal porridge i love but i think this will take a little getting used to, so far i have had 2 and half pints of water but i love water so that won't be hard for me but the thought of no food passing my lips is starting to sink in, but i am determined and just hope it get easier, i would love to know how anyone is feeling and coped early on.....Thanks guys ......
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Morning Kelster

I have an appt with my cdc at 13:15 today, so I'm a newbie as well

Did CD about 6 months ago but only for a week or so ... nibbled all the time etc etc - but no excuses this time ... my weight is ruining my life and I have had enough

Hi there
I have just started today too and had a strawberry shake. I think they will all take a bit of getting used to!!! Well done on drinking your water - I find that really hard. I am feeling determined as well, although looking forward to getting past the first few days as I suffer awful cravings at the best of times!!!!


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S: 20st2lb C: 18st11lb G: 10st4lb Loss: 1st5lb(6.74%)
How was the shake? I hate milkshakes but i will try a few, i have a chocolate tetra for my lunch and having chicken and mushroom soup for my tea, its all trial and error and the min until we find out what we like, did your cdc say you can have sugar free polos and 1 can of coke zero every day? the polos and helping me with the dry mouth i have but don't have to many they give you the s***s.....enjoy the rest of your day and good luck for ther rest of the week xxx


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S: 20st2lb C: 18st11lb G: 10st4lb Loss: 1st5lb(6.74%)
Hi Tracy,
I am totally with you as my weight is seriously ruining my life, i have just come back from spain and i had already planned to start this diet as soon as returned but the most embarrasing situation happened on the plane,i used to ice skate when i was younger and did travel alot doing shows etc so i was very slim back then but i have put so much weight on the last 5-6 years having kids etc and when i boarded the flight a girl i hadn't seen for years who i used to skate with was the hostess and to make matters worse when i sat down for the first time ever the seat belt wouldn't fit and because it was a tiny flight she was the only hostess around to ask for a extension....how bad is that??? i could have curled up and died, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and i think was the massive kick up the bum i really needed......shame on me !!!
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welcome all the newbies!!!

Just wishing you loads of love n luck on your CD journey....here's to the new you and the rest of your life!

Its been a life changing event for me, in 5 months ive lost just over 5 stones!! I could never have accomplished this with conventional diets. Its really made a massive difference to my life.

enjoy all it has to offer...and all of the support here, everyone is fab!



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hiya Kelster I'm also going to the cdc today so i will be starting tomorrow, i have loads to lose too, so like you will be around alot. I spend so much of my time reading through this site, it offers so much support and inspiration :)

Hope things are going well for you today. good luck with day 1.

Anyway i better be off to get myself sorted out to go.

Cya soon
Hayley xx


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Hello i am on Day 2 of CD, and i am stickin to the diet 100% soo far. I love the Lactose free Chocolate Orange shake but the most of all so far is that i dislike the Tomato Soup. I am willing to join you people on our weightloss journey..
oh and the Apple & Cinnamon porridge is very tasty..:D

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Welcome newbies! I still feel comparitively new too. Had my week 2 weigh in today.

This forum is great for keeping you motivated and answering all the questions you may have. You also don't feel so alone and know that whatever you are going through, so is someone else! What's great is there always seems to be people on here any time of day and that really helps me!

Anyway good luck and remember to drink lots of water and always know where the loo is wherever you go! If you get bloated and retain water in your first few days (I did and put ON 8lbs!) then just drink even more (but NOT all in one go!). It WILL start to go as your body adjusts!

Louie lou

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Hi new starters,
You will love this program; I have been on CD for 4 and half weeks now and lost 26lbs. I love the shakes but don’t like any of the soups. You will be able to have water flavour next week and bars on week 3, these are great gives you something to chew. The porridge is also great, I have a porridge at 8am a shake at 12 noon, porridge at 4pm and a bar at 8pm, I have never been hungry even in the first week.
You have to keep your goals in mind when you are craving. Just think you could lose 2 stone a month, 8 stone in 4 months, what other diet is this good, none.
It’s also easy because you don’t have to think what to eat, it just, shake, soup, porridge or bar.
Make sure you drink at least 4 pints a day, it does make a difference. I hate water and the first week I didn’t really drink enough and only lost 6lbs, for the first week this is not as good I was hoping for. The second week I drank 4+ pints a day as I had the water flavour and I lost 8lbs, much better.
Stay strong and 100% xxx


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Good luck on starting CD people, The diet is very hard but very effective. I think the first few days are by far the hardest too so it gets easier. I get cravings but they pass. I've lost 1 stone 6lb in 4 weeks so you can't really beat that on any other diet. My advice to you is to come on here all the time. xxx

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