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DAY 1 of CD SS - Struggling with tastes?

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Hi guys.
I started the CD SS today, and i am really struggling with the tastes of them.
I had -
7 porriages,
7 shakes,
7 soups,
This morning i had the porriage and i nearly pucked.. i found it absolutely disgusting. Then for lunch i had the Chick & Mush soup, again i found that disgusting. Then for dinner i had one mouth full of the butterscotch shake, and i had to chuck it away, so then i tried the Choc Mint shake, and again, didn't like it.
Well it isn't as much as i don't like them (except butterscotch) it was that i got half was down them, and couldn't physically swollow any more. How do i get through this, because i have a set 12 weeks on the SS, and have to find some way to get through it.
If you guys didn't enjoy the CD sachets, how do you get through it?
Is there a thing i could do to help me drink them or enjoy them more!
I give up on the soups all together because i can't stomach the soups.. i've never really been able to with any soups.
Its just really of putting when i am not enjoying it, and it scares me thinking that when the hard days come, i am going to end up quitting!

So any tips how to make them more enjoyable or more tasty?
I think i am just sticking to the Shakes because i HATED the porriage and i hated the soups.

Thanks guys.

Got through day one!
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I'm pretty much the same as you, so i only ever have the chocolate tetras. 3 a day, every day. In week 2 you can have the bars aswell, maybe that will be better for you?


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i hate the porridge it makes me gag, try chilli soup and vanilla shake to start, neck it quickly and you will get used to them , you may go through phases of different flavors, i hate soup in real foods but i live off chick and mush now, used to hate it, it will get better, have lots of water and a black t or coffee to help after , good luck, im on week 6 and never thought i would get this far, have already dropped 2 dress sizes and nearly 2 stone, you will get through it xxxx
S: 18st10lb C: 18st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thankyou Claire - that really helped!
I will do it, i'll make sure.


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the only shakes I like are the strawberry and chic, I got a shaker and put lots of ice and o love them now, did take a while to get used to them. I go through stages with the soups. I love the apple and cinnimon porridge, need to put more water in it then it says tho.
At the end of the day, u just got to get them down your neck, just think of the end results!!
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Hi, i'm the same as Ruth, all I have is chocolate tetras, but I have ordered a few different sachets and soups for next week to try them. I sometimes freeze my tetras and eat it like an ice cream. I did it for a few weeks last year and had chocolate, strawberry & choc mint shakes, I think you just get used to the flavours after a few days. It is really worth it in the end! Good luck.


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I hated all the shakes too, but i really like the tetras, the banana especially, as it really does taste like a 'normal' banana milkshake, i know people often say this, but it really honestly does. the chocolate tetra and strawberry taste much better than the shakes too, and also super convienent as u just take it out of the fridge and drink :D
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Thanks ladies!

& you're right, i do have to just get them down my neck haha!

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Oh dear hun, that's not a good start! Well done for getting through day 1 tho even tho you've hated the tastes.

Ok I hated the porridge the first time i had it. I felt like i was eating wallpaper paste and wondered how an earth I was ever gonna eat it again. But I did. I added cinemon to the original and I couldn't be with out it now and its so quick to make. Have another try and see how you go.

You really need to try all sorts to find the flavours you like. I like some of the soups but not having them at all with it being summer.

If you like coffee, something I used to do was make up the vanilla shake with a teaspoon of coffee using ice cold water and adding extra ice. Long cool frapachino in the summer should go down well. If you don't have caffene then use decafinated instead... you still get the taste.

A lot of people stick with the same few options and you have to have what you like on this diet. One flavour may get just a bit boring so keep trying and see what you like.

Hang in for the first 2 weeks as in the third week you can have mix a mousse which turns your shakes into mousse. Also you can start having the bars which gives you more options.

Soups i like (not having at the mo) are leek and potato & chilli oriental. I always add a load of black crushed pepper and herbs to them.... no problem in doing this.

Have a good first week and shout if you have any questions. Dont' be a stranger hun xxx
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Thankyou sunshine singer!


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Like you I pretty much hated everything to start with and its just a case of keep going until you can find one you like. I find them all sweet and synthetic, the porridge is just disgusting (gruel!) and not keen on soups. I did LL for months some years ago, and lived on chocolate milkshake. Still do. I will get some bars when I am allowed them (still in week 2) as they're a bit better.

You could try the mocha thing that I learned about and tried yesterday - big mug, half a cup of hot coffee, top up with the choc tetra and whiz. Or choc mint made up with hot mint tea and hot water is nice.

Get yourself a decent blender, I use a braun stick blender in a big jug and make them up with 600ml of water, you can froth it a bit as well. I know its difficult to get large quantities down your neck when you're not liking the flavour, but strangely having them weaker makes them much more palatable.

Remember that its not really food and tbh you're not meant to love it. Like it enough to stick with it, or rather tolerate it, but its not designed to be yummy lovely food. It isn't food. Its fuel - calories and sustenance and vits/mins in a form that you can process them easily. Best thing to do is find the one you hate least and stick with it!


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I know how you feel, I chose bars, soups in first week and shakes. Went off bars after 3 days, soups, I hated every one! So just left with shakes, but found them powdery.. How was I going to survive on these packs???

Until, I added Ice.. Just made it come alive, excuse the "cheeseyness" of that, lol.. but it was sooo nice, lots of ice and added more water then said on pack - 10 floz, added powder and blended. It was lush.. then I started to enjoy it.

I used to blend my soups, which is why I hated them, all frothy.. didn't seem right, until.. I made it up in a mug! Added a little pre boiled water to make a paste, then little more, kept stiring, then a little more and so on, til I got the consistency of soup, then added chili flakes or black pepper. It was much better. Drink lots of water first and after soup and my shake.

The bars, I just went off of, full stop, for 4 weeks and then tried a cpl more, freezed them for an hr, cut them up into pieces and it's like having a cadbury chomp (toffee malt and caramel).

I hope these help you get by.. your taste buds change on CD. I didn't take to the porridge at all, tried them within 4 weeks of one another to give them a 2nd chance,but still not me.

You can call up your CDC and change what you don't like, if you do that ASAP, you'll feel much happier with that. xxx
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I hated the porridge which I tried the first day I started SS and within a week found out I hated all the soups too... all I have now are choc shakes (either choc, choc mint or choc orange), but I do halve my shakes and have 6 "meals" a day. But, I use the same amount of water for the half a packet as I would for a full packet. I find they are not so thick and taste much better, I had to get a shake down quick the other evening as I had a whole one left and so had a full packet and I thought it tasted horrible. So 18g of powder with a mug full of water and blend together, oh yes I also drink all my shakes hot too, like them much better.
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I was the same as you - i panicked on day 1 thinking theres nothing i like. then i discovered the vanilla, Strawberry, toffee and walnut and fruits of the forest shakes. Ive stayed with them ever since. use about 10 fluid oz of water so there not to potent.
I also have the banana terta bricks but thats my lot.
soups and poridge are vile.
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Thankyou guys!
All these suggestions have really helped.
I was actually thinking that i should of added more water than what it said on the packet, they all seemed to thick and powdery!
I probably wouldn't of coped without your answers!


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hey, keep in there until you find what you like.

One of the ladies in my cd team only has choc tetra's 3 per day.

Personally I only like the chilli soup, tetra hate the choc, and porridge I hate the normal one but loved the apple and cinnemon one at first but am now going off it. i still have it for breakfast every day, even though I hate breakfast, but it makes me last much longer and feel better for the day.

Keep on till you find what you like.

good luck

Just wanted to say I felt exactly the same as you on day 1 too!!! The only ones I like are the choc shakes, choc tetras and the bars, so that's all I have ordered this week. The choc shakes go quite creamy when hot so you can almost pretend they are a hot chocolate, and I freeze the choc tetras too for a change in the evening (not for too long though-you want them to still be a bit runny! ) The bars are good as well (although the soft ones do stick to the roof of your mouth a bit!) The peanut one is a bit snickerish and the malted toffee has something of the mars bar about it!


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how are you doing, are you getting on with other flavours now xxx
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Thanks for all your great answers!
My CDC told me to sit down today and try each flavour as i wasn't eating anything as the, Apple and Cinnamon porriage put me off for a few days! My CDC is starting my weeks from this Wednesday coming, and said that i should try them all today, see which ones i like, and the ones i don't like, then on Wednesday pick each one out that i like!
So day one starts on Wednesday.

Thanks for all your great suggestions, i am going to try them all today whilst trying them out.

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