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Day 1 on TS needing to stick at it!

good luck hun just stick at it the results speak for themself , x
Hello :) It's my first day today too. I've come back with my tail well and truly between my legs.
Lost a stone and a half in three weeks then decided I wanted to be 'normal' and tried Atkins. But nothing feels as good as I did for those three weeks.
I just need to stay glued to this site for support or I'm bound to fall off!
Same here nicci!! Im at work & already thinking about a sandwich!!!

a women at work wants em to do teh 3day diet with her which consists of losing 10lb in 3 days then i was thinking to do exante for the otehr 4 days & repeating........

Im all confused to what i want to do!!! I just know i want to lose weight FAST
Just googled it, its full of citric acid. Which is something we need to avoid to get into ketosis...which si fat burning mode. So I don't think I'd be keen on that! I think its best to just stay 100% TS xxx
Yea i meant if you did working soloution on the other 4 days... But i have decided to stick at this see if i can get through teh first week!! Im normally great on the first week its my 2nd week that i fail on!!!

We can do it!!
wow you guys are strict in the exante department of minimins lol
Hi Sophie
I think the 3day diet only makes you lose 10lb (if that!) the first time you do it (cos most of thats water weight) so you wouldnt be able to lose 10lbs every week on it!
I really recommend just sticking to exante because then you know where you are, and dont get tempted to fall off the wagon. I personally find it pretty easy to stick to so far because the results are so amazing!
Good luck!
Hello and welcome!!

I agree with LED - the 10lb in 3 days diet would only work once (if that). Exante is about the fastest way you can do it (a stone a month is pretty awesome!) so I'd take all your determination and throw it at being 100% TS.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!

im nearly ripping peoples heads off at work!! thy all eating crisps :(((((
Smells!!!!! Not only does everything I cook smell good even if I don't like it, my nose has become highly tuned, hubby was home the weekend and put his dinner in I walk in and went "oh you shouldn't be having that it's got garlic in" ( he has an allergy) he went no it doesn't so we checked and there was very small amount of garlic but to me it was really strong. I live in the centre of town so morning bakers etc a nightmare! Xxx

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