Step 1 Sole Source Day 1 - restart SS


Hey everyone,
I've been following CWP for just over 6 months now and have just over 3 stones.
I LOVE this diet and really feel this is the only one that works for me but having previously followed SS+ (on and off) I feel it's time to really give this a good go on SS and get the final 4 stone off. I have decided to break down my 4 stone goals into 'mini goals' to try make it seem more achievable and my first goal is to lose a stone by 16th Feb (in time for a family gathering). Is there anyone else who has just started that I can buddy up with? Also, I find my main weakness is evening time and always struggle here. Has anyone got any tips on how to distract yourself to stop me thinking about food and feeling so hungry before bedtime? E xx

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S: 14st0.6lb C: 12st10.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 1st4.6lb(9.46%)
I'm a returned on SS, managed to lose 2 stone before my holiday in November, managed to put 7lbs back on. But I'm on day 3 on SS. The best thing to do is keep busy, go a walk, read a book, have a nice bath. It's easy to eat out of boredom:(. I have been doing some overtime in work and prefer to do the late shifts so I'm out the house come dinner time! How are you getting on today? Xx