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day 1 - restart

Good luck - you can do it...try and drink loads of water - thats what helped me get through the first few days!!
oh god sake nearly forgot about the water, but here goes have a bottle on my desk, thank u and good luck u too pretika
You CAN do it skinnylala, you've done it befre, just hold on to that. It's my first day of a restart tomorrow too, so I'll be feeling the same tomorrow!


not so str8 or narrow!!
come on girls you know you can do it! how about writing down your goals again for a bit of extra motivation?
Imon a restart as well and todays going to be the day that I get over all the problems ive encountered. Lets do it hun and just get to day2/3 and get the k fairy back.
Im doing well so far.......had a bar and porridge and thinking about whipping up some chicken and mushrooms, i hate going into k as i feel hungry but im going to have the right stuff! so if i get the munchies its chicken all the way!


getting slimmer

i'm re starting today too. wanna help each other out??

i lost most of my weight bit now had about4/5 weeks off and put on about half a stone ( i think!)

so really not happy.

starting again today, gonna ss+in the week and then have a day off at the weekend so i can enjoy myself and join in with the family occasions, seems theres one nearly every weekend!!!

thats gotta be better than stuffing my face all the time!!

not doing to bad today - so far!!

good luck!! x
hi maria yes, can be ur buddy for sure
what exactly is ss + what would u eat
am tyring to just to ss to get a stone off quickly and then c how it goes
Hey Skinnylala, how's things? I hope your day 1 is going well. It's blooming hard but you will soon be on day 2, then 3, then week 1, week 2, etc!

I really struggled getting through a day one, but eventually did it on Sunday and now on day 3, so I know you can definitely do it! x

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