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Day 1 today for me!

Hi everyone :)

I did Cambridge a few years ago, and lost nearly 4 stone, so I KNOW I can do it! Since then, I was poorly, and I had a baby, and I ate too much :eek:

I toyed with the idea of w8, and then slimming world, and the WW, and eventually realised that what I really wanted to do was Cambridge! So, here I am.

I feel like weight loss is currently the most important thing for me to do. It feels like everything is resting on this, and I've got to do it. I'm pretty miserable like this, and it stops me from doing so much, so I've got to do it. I need to be the best mum I can to my little girl, be confident, take her swimming, run around with her...

So, I went to get my packs yesterday, and met with my new CDC. She is really lovely, and very slim :eek::D Very supportive :)

I've just had my first shake...banana, as that was my fave last time. It felt great. I enjoyed it, and felt like I was taking control. I'm dreading those moments of temptation...I can't wait to get to ketosis though! So, had first WI yest, and will be going back on Monday, so only 4 full days on. I'm hoping to have lost at least a pound a day with it being the first week, will let you know how I get on!

17/3/11; 215lbs

Goal; 150lbs

I've loved reading posts on here, been lurking for a while! Now to get serious!!!!
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Good Morning.
Good luck for restarting, I am only on day 2 again after 2nd restart, i am happy i managed yesterday. I no we can do this. I have joined ww reciently and fort about sw but i no the weight wont come off as fast as i want it too!
So thats why i am here. 3 stone to go this time tho :(
Good luck xx
well done for restarting lm a re-starter also l lost 7 1/2 st before and managed to regain 5st :eek: all my own fault, lm on week 3 now and have lost 15lbs:) so far with another weigh in tomorrow, so only 4 to go you know you can do it , the first 3/4 days are the worst then you will be flying good luck and looking forward to reading your posts :D
Hey SF...

Your stats are about the same as mine, 5'7 and I was 220, wanting to get to about 164 initially, as I have NO idea what size ill be when i get to that, as im a 16 now.

I am on day 8, first time CD'er though, but I had psyched myself up good and proper, after having three girls, I also thought, this is the most important thing to do for myself, ever, possibly.

CD makes you feel amazing too, I am already a nicer/better/more amicable mummy and wife. :D

Good Luck hun xxx
well done for choosing the CD. im a re-starter too with not too distant goals/starting weight. im on week 3 and have lost 8lbs though had a blip yesterday, so im treating today as day 1 again doing ss+.

all the best xx
Day 2 here we come!

Thank oyu all for your messages. Always so good to know you are not alone :)

Yesterday went fairly well, apart from having 2 tuc crackers early eve when I was cooking for my little girl. I knew I would regret it, and I did, but I guess I just didnt have the mental control!

Still feeling so determines so know today will be a better today; 100% all the way! We are staying with my mum tonight, but that should be fine (although I really love her coking!) because she is fully supportive of what I'm doing.

Hope you all have a good day, thanks again for replies :)


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