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Day 1 TODAY!


I started on SS today. Overall I have 4st to shed.:cry:

8 years ago I lost 6.5st, but then my mum got ill with Alzheimer's and I basically ate for Brittain (my thing when Im stressed is to eat). On the upside I have not put it all back on, but quite a chunk of it.

I hava a major goal, my son gets married in 6 weeks and I HAVE TO LOSE at least 13 cms off my waist and 7 cms off my hips (typical apple shape) if I'm ever going to get into my outfit (already bought:rolleyes:). How much that equates to in LBS I have no idea.

I have read all the posts here and the amazing results, my question is, has ANYONE achieved this kind of inch loss in that kind of time?

So far so good, 1 shake and 2 pints of water, and I am trying very hard to stay out of the kitchen, I have a feeling by tomorrow morning I would quite cheefully be able to chew off my right arm, but I intend to stick to it.:eek:

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1 stone per month is the norm on CD, and some people say 1 stone equates to 1 dress size, but this depends on how much weight you have to loose. Ive lost 23lb in 3 weeks and im still in the same trousers...they are much looser but not enough to drop a size yet.
My 1st week i lost 14lbs....lets hope week 1 is amazing for you too and you can fit into your outfit with ease!
Hi Cate

It's my first day too ! so good luck & i hope we can both stick to it !

Never done CD before, many moons ago i lost 3 stone on WW, but over the last 13 years it's all gone back on and more !! Did Slimming world which i think is brilliant, and lost 2 stone with it, but as i work so much trying the find the time to cook is impossible, so the SS on CD is perfect for me, as i often miss out on lunch and go most of the day without eating !

My major problem will be drinking water.... i am terrible for not drinking fullstop ! So far today i've done half a litre and a soup !

Anyhoo good luck in reaching your 'wedding outfit' goal.

Lorri88 :D
Thank you for your replies, its good to know how other people have done, are doing.

Good luck to you too Lorri. I did CD many years ago, and it worked fine, must say, I had forgotten how hard the first few days can be. So far today two shakes and Im on my 3rd pt of water, which I dont mind.

Done WW and Slimming World, neither worked for me, when I lost the weight 8 years ago I did a modified Rosemary Conley, which was fine at the time, but couldnt get my head around it again. I know Im better off staying away from food, I can easily convince myself that a portion size is smaller than it is.:D

Thanks again everyone for replying, that in itself is a real boost.


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hey Cate
Just wanted to wish you luck for your cd journey.
i am sure you will lose a fair amount for your sons wedding and will feel so much better on the day.
Drink lots of water stick with it and you will get great results..
Day 1 nearly over. I have managed 5 pints of water and had plenty of exercise going back and forth to the loo:rolleyes:

I am not at all hungry, but have 'missed' food if that makes any sense. I have cleared the cupboards of any really tempting stuff (much to hubbys dismay:D)

Thanks to all for your support.



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Hi Cate, just wanted to say good luck to you! I'm hoping to start my first day tomorrow so fingers crossed for us both. It's encouraging to see that you've made it through the first day and that you're not hungry (I'm really worried about that as I tend to feel quite faint when I'm hungry).
Morning all

Good luck today Nicola, if you can keep busy and keep drinking the water, Im sure that helped me get through day one.

I am amazed I slept like a log, which to be honest I didnt expect to, I thought I would be awake all night hungry, so apart from a trip to the loo I had an amazing sleep.

So day 2 and I am feeling so positive. :D I couldnt help myself, I had a sneaky look at the scales, down 2lb, wey hey, I know its probably just fluid, but who cares, 2lb is 2lb. :D


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I've only been doing the diet for 2 weeks but in those two weeks I've lost 5in (12.5cm) off my waist and 2in (5cm) off my hips, so that's not far off what you need to lose in the next 6 weeks so yes I believe it's totally possible if you work at it and stick to it.
Its nice to see there are new people too, ive been doing it since Monday I have to have four shakes a day and 6 litres of water. Good luck with your journey


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good luck with your journey, im only on my 2nd week so dont have much to offer in the way of help lol, but i will say that the 1st week is the worst then it just seems to fit right in :)


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Hi Cate, just wanted to say good luck to you! I'm hoping to start my first day tomorrow so fingers crossed for us both. It's encouraging to see that you've made it through the first day and that you're not hungry (I'm really worried about that as I tend to feel quite faint when I'm hungry).
i am also like this when i try to cut down or with any other diet, i got the shakes, felt dizzy, and really did feel bad :( but on this diet i have had none of the above at all :D
Thank you everyone for your encouragement, it is such a help. Day 2 nearly over, and still not feeling hungry, missing food, but not hungry which is brill. :)


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Huge well done to you Cate for getting to the end of Day 2 :) I'm sure ketosis can't be too far away if you are not feeling hungry!! Brill :) xxx


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I start tomorrow, so just want to say to you Cate, Nicola and everyone else who's started recently - good luck with your journey.

Cate, I had my hubby clear out all the junk food from our larder while I was out a walk this afternoon. He's done a great job, he's going to take all the goodies to his work to share around. Larder is lovely and tidy now and there's room for my CD products :)
Good luck tomorrow, Im sure you will be fine if my first two days are anything to go by. Defo a good plan to get rid of all the naughty stuffl.

Im off to church in the morning, its the second reading of my son and DIL wedding banns, hope I dont faint in the aisle:D I also hope Im not that hungry that I rugby tackle some poor person for their bread & wine!!:D:D

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