Day 1


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Hi Louisa, Good Luck on your journey!

I love the apple and cinnamon porridge, I have one for brekkie and one for lunch every day (restarter on Day 3).

I lost 54lbs in 14 weeks last time on CD so I am hoping I get some good losses this time, and get to a lower goal !

Fingers and toes crossed for you x

miss jelly tot

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Good luck, Im on day one again too and had apple porridge. I would have it all week if I could lol


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Thanks Hun I also have my fingers and toes crossed for you


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Hi Louisa, I am on day one too!! Good Luck :D


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Good luck to all you Day 1ers ...... Its fab.. it changes your life, stick with it and you will see fab results and feel like a new person before you know it xxxx

Lisa D

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Good luck Louisa. I've done it previously but am re-starting tomorrow and am actually looking forward to it.

Charley24, I remember you from a few months back, you started around the same time as me I think, you done great to lose much, lets hope we can give another good go!!