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day 1


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Hi hun. Welcome to the wonderful world of SSing. The first few days will be hard, as you have probably read on the threads on here. Make sure you take things easy, drink loads of water and have early nights where possible. Take normal painkillers if you get a headache. Days 3 - 4 should see you into ketosis and then you will be flying. Good luck hunny x


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Hi Vicky, Good luck with lipotrim. It's really hard for the first few days especially, but once you get through them you feel so much better! Willpower will get you through. And when you have a bad moment, come on here and let us know - the guys on here have got me through LOTS of weak moments. xxx
Good Luck - you can do this and you will be so proud of yourself!
Vicky, I promise you it DOES get easier! I found the first couple of weeks the hardest but since then all the yucky symptoms seem to subside. Just keep glugging the water and make sure you have your shakes evenly spaced out throughout the day. Once you have had that first weigh-in you will be FLYING! Good luck hun, and remember there's always someone here if you need extra support. x
Hi Vicky, Good luck in your first week, it's not easy but everyone has been through it and knows how you feel. I found it very hard and nearly gave up 3 or 4 times but thankfully i didn't and now i feel sooooooo much better!
Keep going xx
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Looks like I am in it with you, started myself yesterday. Felt a bit light headed in the evening, but sips of water everytime I felt light headed or hungry got me through it. Not such a struggle today so far, will see what the evening brings!

The hardest thing I find is preparing food for my kids, absolute torture! Had to go to Tesco today and the smell of the bread in the bakery nearly drove me over the edge.

I'm a bloke, so the male LT prog is 2 shakes a day, I think I would find it a bit easier if there were 3, as I could replace each meal with a shake, but as there are only 2, then one "meal" gets missed. Its that break in routine which hits hardest!

Hang in there, looks at the success all these wonderful people have had by sticking to it and making the sacrifices!!
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Well done to both of you for starting.

The first week is the hardest but just keep focused on your first WI. Once you see how much weight you lose in the first week that will be all you need to keep you going.

MilkTrayMan, if you are finding it difficult with only 2 shakes then why don't you split them. Make up half fresh each time and drink in 15 mins. I also think men can have 4 female packs rather than 2 male packs but I'm not totally sure about that, I'm sure one of the chaps on here can enlighten you. Maybe 4 spread out will help.

Good luck to you both.

Good luck vikki and Im sure you will be fine, these feelings will pass as you get further into your diet and you will be excited and motivated by your progress.

Good Luck and keep us posted.


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Yeah you can have 4 lady lipotrims if you are male...alot of the guys on here do it ...hd does 2 ladies and on male, that way he gets 3 meals a day!
Both of you good luck on your first week and look forward to your first weigh ins xxx
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good luck to you both - the next couple of months will transform you life - u just gotta get past the first few days and then wow... just u wait and see! ;) it rocks! xxx


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well vicky, day 1..this is the new you..as you have maybe seen on this site, the first few days are hard, around day 3 & 5..i really did'nt have any problems, just the light heads, ive been on LT 8 days and already people have noticed my weight loss.

you won't regret going on this and if you struggle chat to someone here..
Hey, its my 2nd day today, i know how u feel it is very hard and hard to resist temptations!! i feel lightheaded and weak aswell, but im going to stick at dieting as i know i will look back and be proud of my coming achievment!!
goodluck! and stay positive x
hi there!

Day 1 today and at the moment I am feeling hungry and light headed. drinking lots of water and trying to stay positive. Really do not want to give up and this at all. Be glad when I am in ketosis!
I start my new way of life with lipotrim tomorrow, so its day 1 for me then, lets get there by giving each other lots of support, and with the support of everyone on here who can fail.

X Mo X

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Congratulations to all four of you that have made the decision to start! It's the best move you'll make :) As has already been said, tough out the first week and it all gets a helluva lot easier from there! If hungry drink some water or come on here for support. Weekends are the hardest for me as I live alone and boredom is a big thing but keep yourself busy and space out your shakes - you'll all do brilliantly!! :D Good luck for the first WIs :D:D