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Day 1

Hi everyone, my name is Clair and I'm on day 1 of LT and finding it really hard already. God knows what I'll be like over the next couple of days if day one is this bad, nearly gave in on a few occasions already.

Just made my husbands tea, which is just plain torture and totally unfair.

I've read lots of posts on here so am looking forward to ketosis kicking in so that it gets easier.

I'm dieting for my hol in 4 weeks, none of my clothes fit- I've gained 2 stone since xmas (i lost over 6 stone last year with slimming world), but Ive left it a bit too late for that now, I need 1stone 7lb to get comfortable in my holiday clothes.

Hope to be speaking to alot of you soon. Wish me luck :wave_cry:
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Hi Claire, well done for starting Lt, i'm on day 2 and it's ok!!...i also lost weight with slimming world and it's come back plus some!!, meal times are hard just served up for my 4 year old, he thinks mummy was having soup!!(strawberry shake), its the leftovers on the plate thats my down fall..POTENTIALLY!!!!!!, xx
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hiya hun welcome to lt and minmins, yes its bloody hard especially until ketosis kicks in then its easier, however your 1st wi will boost you on, can your hubby make is own meals for a couple of days, mine did as i found it quite tortorous with the lovely smells soon as your in ketosis it wont effect you as much

Keep strong and focused its all worth it


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Hi Clair and welcome. As Sharron has already said ketosis does make things easier. Good luck and there is always someone on here to spur you on if needed. :D


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Hi Clair, welcome! 4 weeks on LT will make a big difference. You just need to keep thinking of the holiday for motivation. Yes the first week is hard but the weighs make it all worth while. Come on here while others are eating and keep distracted.

Good luck
hi claire, the first week is the hardest but when you go for your first wi you will be motivated to carry on. stick with it and the weight will drop off.


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Hiya Clair and welcome!! Good luck xxx
Hi Clair,I have just started too so know exactly how youy feel!
Just think about how more gorgeous you will look on that holiday,
and that will get you through the first 2 or 3 days.After that it should be easy peasy lemon squeezy! (I hope!!)


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Hi Clair (&sambomcrambon & yum yum),
Today is day 3 for me and after the day from hell yesterday i am hoping today will be better - i haven't felt hungry at all and infact the sight of food made me nauseous .....but then i think i was having a rubbish day!
I hope that if i can get through this week the rest wil be easier!! - i have to confess that i have filled the freezer with meals for my OH so that all he has to do is warm them up so i don't have to cook for him for the 1st 2 weeks.
Good luck all and hopefully we can keep each other motivated
Thats a good idea Katc organising all the food in one go.I am staying out of the kitchen for 2 days while I try and get my act together.I know I can stick to the diet,I just need to get to day 3!!!!
Well done to you getting over that hump:)


It really does work! :)
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Hi Clair and welcome!

1.5 stone in the four weeks should be achievable on LT if you can stick with it. A lot of people have made it over a stone in the first two weeks alone, so try to use that as motivation alone.

The first few days can be tough, but it gets easier...if you can make it to your first weigh-in, the results from that will kick you on from there.

Good luck.

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Hi I am on Day 3 at the moment and apart from being grumpy, tired and cold :eek: I am not finding it that difficult at the moment!!! I have tried this diet a few times recently and the furthest I got to was 4 days, so I am determined to get my first week out of the way this time.

I know one thing that I could not do this diet without this website, as all the success stories are so inspiring and if others can stick to it, then why can't I stick to it :mad:

Just keep on posting and good luck to you all, I will let you know how I get on this Monday :wave_cry:


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Good Luck to all of you in your 1st week. Look forward to seeing how you get on .... you've made a great choice. However difficult you may find the first few days - it'll soon get easier and the weigh-ins make it sooooo worth it! xx
I am sitting here(in work)at 5.50 in the morning and I have just blended my first chocolate shake,I thought it would be disgusting but it is actually quite nice:):)
I mixed it with 220mls hot water and 100mls of cold.Other than that I am drinking buckets of black tea with canderel and agree with yumyum that it is warming and feels normal.
Just sitting here posting is helping me greatly.I hope I am back in 24 hours boring you all again.
I need to find the strength;)!And keep it:)


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I've been browsing whilst at work over night and I found this post in the VLCD thread. It makes perfect sense to me and puts in a nutshell what I firmly believe. I don't think the chap will mind me pinching it as it was (and is) there to share with all. I hope you find it useful. Good luck with the rest of your day. xx

The two kinds of people who do a VLCD
I have definitely noticed that there are two kinds of people who do the crazy diet of a VLCD :)

The first kind are those that see the diet as a prison, they aren't allowed to eat, they aren't allowed to drink, they aren't allowed to go out and socialise on the diet, they aren't allowed to do things they want to do.

The second kind are those that see the diet as a choice, at anytime they can go and eat what they want, they can go and drink what they want but they choose not to because they want to lose weight and be slim more than they want to eat or drink.

The people who see the diet as a prison sentence tend to hate the diet all the way through, they generally feel unhappy while losing weight and from my experience tend to "escape" from the prison at some point and eat and drink and then the diet becomes even tougher.

For those that make a choice to just not eat or drink I find they tend to enjoy the diet!! They have made a good choice as they can feel the results and with the right mindset it is just a matter of keeping yourself focussed for a few months while you get to where you really want to get to.

All of us who start a VLCD desperately want to lose weight for many reasons and we all know the diet is in our own heads. If you drink the packs and drink the water and avoid food then you will lose weight as it is impossible not to, the only problem is whether your mind makes you falter along the way.

So please please see the diet as a choice, and a very good choice as it will change your life for the better.



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Jan - that post is fab and is how i want to look at things!!

My OH had the realisation last night that there are no takeaways or meals out for the next 10 weeks!! the look on his face was a picture!



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Good Luck to all of you in your 1st week. Look forward to seeing how you get on .... you've made a great choice. However difficult you may find the first few days - it'll soon get easier and the weigh-ins make it sooooo worth it! xx
Thanks for the welcome, this site is great its giving me the distraction from food and great support xx