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day 1


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Hi Faithand cooper!

I finished my first day yesterday - and I felt very tired too! I felt so weak when I lifed my legs!

To be fair, I felt like a million dollors this morning when I got up - especially after I got on the scales! I know the first bit is all water - but it gave me enough happiness to get through today (day 2).

I am told it gets much easier very soon - hang in there hun - you can do it!



Loves Porridge

Well done on making it through the first couple of days - I'm at the end of day 2 today and am OK apart from a slight headache - this is my 2nd time on CD not because it doesn't work but because I wasn't ready to complete my weight loss journey so I had about 7 weeks off and gained 7lbs - but I'm ready to finish what I started

Trust me it does get easier after about day 3 for most people and thats when the pink fairy arrives (Ketosis)!!

Keep posting to let us know how you're getting on x


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Just wanted to say good luck on your cd journey. and well done for getting through your first day.. First few days can be a little tough but I promise you it gets easier otherwise we all wouldnt be here now.

Drink lots of water and keep yourself busy and your well on your way to being SLIM..

Good luck x

I am on day 2 so had my first day yesterday. To be honest I found it pretty easy although I really struggled with the porridge last night! It was like wall paper paste and had this weird salty / sweet taste (it was the apple & cinnamon flavour). I think I will probably learn to like it as I'm sure it will be nice to eat something with texture once I've done this a bit longer, but for now I might just give this one a miss.

I'm feeling a bit weak this morning and am not enjoying my coffee. I might just have 4 shakes today and tomorrow as I was really hungry last night. My CDC seems pretty flexible to have both SS and SS+ days until I know which plan suits me best.

I'm feeling really motivated this morning which is good, not sure if I'll still feel this positive after doing the weekly shop later this morning ;)


Have a great CD day everyone!
Goodluck and I,ll join you with this. Day 1 for me tomorrow however last 2 days I ate very less so that my body doesnt get a shock with no food all of a sudden :p
Hey im coming to the end of my first day also. Have been doing great all day until the last hour and now im faint n rather tired! I havent been able to hack the porridge but had choc mint and butterscotch which were lovely and a spicy tomato soup which was edible with pepper and curry powder. :) Let me know how you are tomoro! Will be nice to know its not just me going through all of this. :)

Jess x
day 3

its going ok so far just still feeling a wee bit tired but the sun is shining so it could be much worse. we had a bbq yesterday and although it smelt gorgeous i was very good and didnt eat any burgers lol


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Hi all and good luck on your CD journeys.

Herewego with ref to the porridge. I get the original porridge, crunch up a sweetener and add cinnamon, makes it much more palatable

Good luck xx
Thanks Foosey - will get a plain porridge to try next week. I'm returning my A&C porridge as just the thought of eating another one makes me feel nauseous. I love all the shakes I've tried so far though so can't complain! :)
Not sure i can face the porridge!... maybe later no, LOVE all the shakes iv tried, oh and just had the oriental chilli soup and with curry powder, chilli powder and pepper it was lush!! And it had tiny bits to chew on! bonus!! x