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day 10


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I know its nice to be eating for a change!
I lost 7 pounds the first week but im 4 days into the second week and my weight is still the same!
Going to cut back on cheese for the rest of the week so I can try and be a pound down at least!
just nice to have a diet that you can eat out and not feel different x
Yes - a diet that lets you eat! And it involves ordinary, regular food instead of packets or liquids or weird-tasting bars...

I honestly admire those who can stick to a VLCD cos I just couldn't hack it for any length of time and I used to get very shaky/trembly and weak - and depressed. Even several weeks into it, not just at the beginning. Those who have what it takes are richly rewarded however amongst my friends the 'total-weight-regain-plus-even-more-weight' factor after a VLCD is the norm, not just the exception. It takes a will of steel to readjust to food in the step by step manner necessary (and I failed at that too!).

I love low carbing because it gives me permission to eat. As I am vegetarian Atkins has to be adapted to suit but still I am allowed to eat! Ha Ha.
i feel as if my weight as stopped now am too scared to weigh which is good in a way, felt much better las week just feel like a blob today and bloated