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Day 100 and heartbroken :(


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I didn't lose any weight this week.:needhug:

My time on foundation should be finished today but I have to do an extra 2 weeks cos the others in my group started after me.
Im so fed up.
Although Im within BMI range now I want to lose another 17lbs and its really getting me down.
I lost 2lbs last week and have never had amazing losses really.
Im sorry for feeling jealous over all your fab losses but I can't help it.

Sorry for asking for help every week too after my crappy weigh ins.....
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Oh big :hug99: honey - but look at what you HAVE achieved!! You have dropped 50 lbs, have just over a stone to lose, and are going strong xx


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Thanks DQ,

I just worry no more will come off now, and I've still got to get into my wedding dress!
I don't see how I can possibly maintain my new figure or lose any more if I'm only maintaining while SSing :(
I think its just made me realise I'm going to pile it all back on when I eventually re-introduce some 'normal' foods on management.


Queen of the Damned
You will not!! Now stop that defeatist attitude RIGHT NOW :mad: So your loss is slightly slower than others - stop comparing yourself to other people. And have you measured? You may well find the inches are flying off you. Come on honey, you have done so well xx
Firstly big hugs & as said by DQ you will not just pile it back on! Think of reasons why the weight may have slowed; are you drinking enough water; have you been doig excercise in which case yu may be developing musce which weighs more than fat; have you measured yourself recently. I only lost 2 ibs last week (on week 3!) so was quite disappointed so measured myself & had lost inches which was fine! You weight loss does slow down at the end as less to use but dont be disheartened; you're so close and in the grand scheme of things 2 weeks isnt that long, although I can understand why you feel gutted. Just look at how incredibly well you've done so far & celebrate that achievement - so many people just could not do this and you have .. how amazing is that eh!!


has started again!!
Please dont be down. This is not an easy journey for any of us, whatever we have to lose. You have done fantastically well, dont belittle your own achievements.

Your reasons for losing the weight were probably not just for your body image, but for your long term health. This is where, I am sure, that following the management plan will help you enormously. I have been reading AJ's management thread avidly, and I am so keen to get there myself!

Just pity me....I still have 90lbs to lose, and I am already in week 9. Now I really am in this for the long haul!!

Best of luck Pixie! xx
Hi Pixie
:psiholog: time. You have lost 50lbs in Foundation!! At the start of the diet you were sold on the idea that you would lose 42 lbs in 3 months- you have trounced that target by more than half a stone. Think back to before the diet- if you thought you could be 50lbs lighetr in 100 days wouldn't you have done cartwheels of joy? So hun I wanna see some cartwheels now!:D ( photos please!)

As for massive weight losses- well after my first couple of weeks its been a steadyish 3lbs a week for me and if that continues I will have lost 50lbs by day 100- fantastic! But only half way to my target, so development is going to be one long haul for me babes. Sure when I see what Yorkiegirl or Lesley (bring it on blog) have achieved I wish the same for myself- but wishing for years just saw my weight keep going up, and now I am really losing weight and loving what it means for me- are you telling me that you haven't noticed a huge difference in your body shape, how your clothes fit etc?

As for not losing much for a couple of weeks- refer back to para 1 and the big picture! And also remember that reintroducing some food will probably kick-start your metabolism. As with all diets your body has got used to this one- so long as your reintroduce food in a managed way there is no reason why you won't continue to lose- see AJ's management diary for example.

So you have it all to come, and you will reach your target, cos you have worked so hard and you can keep working hard til you get there.

End of session!:D


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:hug99: :hug99: :hug99: Pixie:hug99: :hug99: :hug99:

Pixie you shouldn't be feeling blue, you should be feeling great now - you've lost 50lbs! 50lb!!!!!!!! That is excellent - when you come onto this diet you're told that you could lose about 3 stone and you've lost more than that.

Don't be miseralbe about doing another 2 weeks, just see it that they're the 2 weeks in which you're going to do your best and see if you can lose another few pounds ---- I'd be glad of the 2 weeks as they're an opportunity for more loss. You've not got much to lose now and you will lose it if you're in a positive frame of mind and you just keep on SS'ing.

(((big hugs)))



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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Aw, now Pixie, that's a fantastic loss. I lost a stone more, but I started off at 18st 2 and have at least 12 more weeks of this crazy journey to go before management.

You will get there, I have no doubt at all and you will look amazing in that wedding dress and in your photos. It's a beautiful day, and look at it this way - you get an extra 2 weeks of not having to worry about food!

And never worry about asking for help - that's why there's a Minimins!

You've done fabulously well. The hardest miles of a marathon are the ones just before the end - but the noise of the crowd cheering gets louder and louder the closer you get to the finish line!