DAY 100!!! I've made it!!


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I actually can't quite believe it's already done. It passed so quickly. At the start it seemed like forever and I didn't think I'd really do it. But - at last WI (Sunday) I'd lost 4 1/2 stone!

I reckon I'll be on for another 100 days or so to get down to my goal weight. Originally I had that at 11 stone, but I am probably going to revise that to 10 stone now. However, I will wait and see how I'm doing nearer the time. As I'm quite sporty and have now started training in earnest for the London triathlon olympic - I will most likely be quite muscley by then - we'll see. I still can't train as hard as I would normally and won't do so until I'm eating again, but I 've started running (albeit it gently) and actually training in the pool (as opposed to just swimming). So we'll see.

ANyway, all you beginners out there - honestly it goes SO quickly you wouldn't believe it and it has really been relatively easy for me. However, i have stuck to the rules 100% - I'm not being smug when I say that - tbh it's through sheer terror as I know one slip up and I'll be bingeing and purging again (I was seriously bulimic before I started this).

My main problem now will be when I finally go back to food (which I'm dreading - never thought I'd say that.. :eek: ) how I will cope. :)

Good luck everyone and thanks for all the amazing support I've had from here!
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Well done... what a massive achievement!!! you go girl and by the summer you will be well at goal!!!


Gen xx
well done you have done incredibly well. When I started in October you were in week 3 and I have followed your progress with great interest. I love your website too!!
Your honesty has been brilliant. Good luck with the next 100 days!!
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Congratulations at your brilliant achievement, you've shown that it can be done, and stuck to 100% - well done.
That is a fantastic loss! Well done to you for sticking to it and showing it can be done! Good luck in your next 100days ..... and your running.
Fantastic weight loss well done. I can't believe it is 100 days since you started, it seems like 30 at the most lol.

Well done you!



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Well done - 4 and half sone and 100 days done. You are an inspiration. Its not always easy sticking to it 100% but your success shows that not only is it possible but definitely worth it. I too am terrified of falling of the wagon and know what you mean.

Good luck with your journey and long may your determination continue!

Its so great you have done so well.

Best of luck with the rest of it, but hey you don't need luck you know you CAN do it!

well done you !!!
ive been following your progress as youve always been a month or so ahead ,it must be such a great feeling to know youve completed the 100 days , just wondering what your plan is now ?? are you still motivated enough to continue or are you looking to go back to the 'real world '?