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Day 13ers (and all others)


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OMG it will be two weeks tomorrow i didn't think it would go so fast :wow:

i am doing ok getting a bit bored of it but i am not letting it get to me.

i tried cooking a food pack and make a muffin and it was yucky so thats the end of that lol.

so still 100% still necking the water and i am good.

hope you guys are all doing ok we are getting there its not easy but we are doing it :grouphugg:.
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Your doing great, I hit 5 weeks tomorrow, cant wait for my weight in (no scales here now). Bit scared as TOTM never came for two weeks and it showed in weight loss now its here still damn thing. Totally 100% thought so anything is getting me to my goal.

What are you favorite flavours so far?


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well done
did the 5 weeks fly by or did it drag
were you 100% all the way through???
Weekends drag but during the week fly by, im loving it, had one slip at the beginning, but only a mouthful and realised, felt so bad so isnt worth cheating at all, good luck with it all, im loving it.


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cheers honey i want this so much thanks for the info xx


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Im on week 19 that has flown by i cant believe it really, waiting for the head to catch up with the body, still feel huge, keep picking things up that are way too big, I am very bored with it at moment but im sure its just a phase amd will pass and will reach my goal by end august.


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hi lin i have looked at your pics and they are fab!!! they really help me to keep going xx
Hi KerryBerry!

When is your next weigh in due? I haven't got one for another 5 weeks now, but am going to weigh myself every monday to get an idea.

Also, any idea how many posts you need to make before you get access to things on the site?

Glad you still going strong...I am day 8 and chugging along! The weekend was definately the hardest!



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hi minx

50 then you can have a pic i think and then 100 and you can see others profiles don't take my word on it.

my next WI is thursday but i doubt that it will be as good as last week lol

i am chugging along too the weekend was hard hubby was out over night and teh kids had take away but i got through it. hubby is away with work for the next couple of days i hate it when he is away.

well keep up the good work and so will i xx
Well done you! My OH was away all weekend too and I admit I did get a chicken breast out of the freezer incase I crumbled...but it remained in the fridge!

Our 2nd week weigh-in will definately not be as good as the first but any loss is on the right track! It would have taken me several weeks on any other diet to acheive the loss of my first week, so it is enough to spur me on!

Well done you for resisting the kid's take away! I am still cooking for my OH and have resisted temptation so far!

My OH has got several days away with work this month, so I think I will be on here even more for support!

It is so great to share everyone's experience of CD whatever phase they are on. I am into week 4, with a bit of a blip for a day last week but feeling new resolve...Jeez why do we have to test ourselves now and then! Lin, loved seeing your pics...so love your maxi dress....and to know that 19 weeks also seems to go so fast just like I feel about the 3 and bit weeks. Have a great week everyone.


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we are all doing so well and its not easy what we are doing but together we shall do it or some rubbish like that and it is going to get harder i imagine.


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I am half way through week 9 and also can honestly say I don't know where the time has gone. One minute it was week 1, then week 2 and now here I am. At the start of a new week (Friday) - I think get past the weekend then it is only a matter of days until the next weigh in and then this week is over and I start again.

Stick with it, the more you make it through the rough times the easier it is when they come again (if that makes sense!)

CD is an awesome diet...


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cheers i am hoping it will fly buy now i am in the zone i don't want to fall off the wagon as its so hard to go through it again
"Wales" - thanks for your comments, I needed to hear it!

You are the same height and pretty much the same starting weight as me, so it is great to see what I may acheive too! Although your goal weight is probably far more realistic than mine!!! I think as I get nearer to my current goal weight, it may well be reduced depending on how I look and feel!

Well done for getting to wk 9 and doing so well!

Keep on trucking everyone! We are all fab!!

Got my week 2 weigh in tomorrow and am actually looking forward to it!
Good luck Reject! (sounds rude calling you that!!)
Good luck Reject! (sounds rude calling you that!!)
Its ok. It's how I feel being overweight though. As I lose weight I hope it will be 'tongue in cheek!'

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