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Day 14 but HUNGRY HUNGRY.......WHY????

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Hang in there. Yep, there will be days that feel extra tough and keeping away from food will be so hard. Just keep thinking of your next weigh in and how glad you will feel to have stayed strong.
Keep busy and keep sipping at water. Get to bed early, away from temptation.
Good luck.


Never Ever Give Up!
I'm in my 12th week and I am still starving Abnid! Some days only but still... don't give up though and stay strong, just think of all the flab you are going to lose :D xxx
Thanks all. Feeling better tonight. My moods fluctuating all over the place and I go from REALLY hungry to just fine. Will stick with it now.......until I freak again!! Thanks you lot.xx


Is a loser! ;-)
I've been like that since my 15th day, it has started to ease off now though. Good luck and stick at it hun, it will be worth it!
I'm very grateful to you all. I went to my weigh in today and couldn't believe it when I lost 6 lbs!! Really really surprised. I thought 3 or 4 max this week. So I asked the pharmacist and he said to do another week TFR as I was doing so well and then start refeed.

Fingers crossed I can manage another 7 days. I was spurred on by the weight loss. I have to keep remembering that.

Best wishes to you all.


Slim for summer
I find it helps to divide my shakes/soups into 6 smaller servings throughout the day, it keeps my hunger pangs at bay:)

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
I might try that. It sounds more pleasing to the ears! 6 shakes per day yum yum :)


Slim for summer
I still drink mine with half a pint of water each time though, I only drink the chocolate shake at the moment but always have it hot, so its quite comforting, as a hot drink, and half soup for lunch, and other half for dinner.

I will prob go onto colder shakes with ice when the weather warms up!
Thanks Jenhen. I will try that. Why didn't pharmacist tell me that!!?? I do dip very much between shakes.
It's great just after the shake, all energy etc but about 2 hours after I just die!! Will try your plan!! Cheers.
i have 400 ml with my shakes, shake em with ice which makes it frothy, its gorgeous x

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