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day 2 - 1st challenge is to surive Sunday lunch

S: 17st2lb C: 16st6lb G: 11st5lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.17%)
I've made it to day 2. it could have been a lot worse... I had headaches last night and didn't sleep much but I'm alright-ish today. Guzzling water at a terrifc rate and trying to focus on my goals as I am about to sit down to the family Sunday lunch. It smells so good but am feeling in a resistant mood!

Roll on Ketosis.
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Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
Well done Ally.Kat.

We can enjoy food just as much with our eyes and nose. We just have to believe that and in ourselves.

Nothing tastes as good as slim feels and those foods will always be around.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Kat xx


Back to the grindstone!!
S: 16st9lb C: 16st4lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 43.1 Loss: 0st5lb(2.15%)
Ah yes, sunday dinner, always a difficult one, especially when you aren't in ketosis yet.
I always just thought about the fact that there would be other meals like that once I was where I really wanted to be and how it was worth missing out for a short period of time for me to achieve my goals.
The hardest part of it, I found, was the reaction of those who were having a meal. Most spent the meal apologising for eating!!! lol
I always just found that funny.....
S: 17st2lb C: 16st6lb G: 11st5lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.17%)
Thanks guys. Survived and am now supping green tea - always nice to have another flavour.

Yes, I'm finding other people are feeling guilty around me. I'm not too sure what to do about this. At the moment I'm just being firm that I am doing this diet but I don't want to ignore how other people are feeling either.

A little bit nearer to ketosis...


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb

My advice would be to ignore how other people are feeling about it, they will get used to it. This isn't about them it is about you. You need to focus on your journey.

This situation does get easier as people around a) realise you are doing this for you and b) get used to you not eating and c) you are in this for the duration. I promise you.

Some people would make soup and set themselves a place a the table and eat their soup from a bowl with a spoon. I never personally did this but I did set myself a place at the table and sit with them.

Keep your focus Ally.Kat. We must not allow other people's awkwardness with us not eating allow us to slip just to make them feel better because it sure as hell won't make you feel better in the long run.

Kat xx
S: 17st2lb C: 16st6lb G: 11st5lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.17%)
Thanks Kat - yeah, I guess I need to focus on my weight loss and changes in thinking about food.

P.S. Congratulations on your weight losses - just seen them in your signature and they're great!


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
Well done Ally.Kat - believe in you and others around you will see that and hopefully follow :) They just need to get used to it, and hopefully they will!

Kat xx

Ps: thank you for your comments about my weightloss :)
S: 17st2lb C: 16st6lb G: 11st5lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.17%)
Thanks. I have made it through day 2 (well, nearly ;)). I feel ok - I don't want top tempt fate but so far, so good. Tomorrow is day 3 and first day back at work following the diet - don't think I'm quite ready to show people my packs yet but there are lots of ways of not giving the game away.

Oh it feels so good to know the weight is coming off!