Day 2 adn TOTM!!!! what are my chances now!?!?!


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its day 2 everything going fab! and i get TOTM!!! i notice most people seem not to loose get amounts on their TOTM and its my first week and i really wanted a good loss since i have no will power and needed it to motivate me and now i feel like its not going to happen!!!!!

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Hi Emmie !
Try not to worry about TOTM. Although some people show a smaller loss that week, it is only due to water retention. You would therefore expect a bigger loss the following week. BUT it doesn't happen to everyone ! You're doing well to get to day 2, so just carry on drinking the water and picture yourself at your goal weight !


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hi, its my first week too and also my time of the month, am focusing on longer term picture, more like what i can lose in a month, and carolyn is right if it doesn't come off this week, it will next, keep going, you're doing great!!!

Lard Arse

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Hey my TOTM doesn't affect my weight loss at all so you might get away with it. If not, as has already been said you'll getter a bigger loss next week. xx