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Day 2 FULL KETOSIS??!!!!

Out of total curiosity I decided to do a wee test... I had loads of ketostix from when I was on Atkins. my mum who also started LT yesterday tested too. She showed no ketones... And I am in full ketosis!!! On day two!!!! How is that even possible?! I expected it to be at least 3-4 days. It's made me so excited and even more motivated. Eeeeeek :D :D
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If you were cutting down on your carb intake leading up to doing LT then that would help with the quick transition into ketosis.

Also, I have noticed those who have been on vlcd's before where the body has gone into ketosis seem to be able to slip into ketosis a day or two earlier when they start again.

Well done:)
Lol well the week leading up to LT I ate so much carby rubbish... Inc a Chinese and a double chicken burger ha ha. Wanted to have the memory! Lol. But yeh I'm guessing it's cuz I have been in ketosis before for long periods of time, I suppose my body knows how to switch to burning fat. Just hoping this means I get a brilliant result on my first weigh in! Thanks for the help :)


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I am going to have a last supper tonight before starting back on the diet wagon tomorrow and I wonder how long it will take me to get into ketosis as it has been awhile since I did a vlcd.

Good luck with your weigh in next week...I hope it is a good one.
Thankyou, and you! Enjoy your last meal, I had a massive Chinese which probably was not the best idea and likely contributed to how awful I felt day 1! So hopefully you won't make the same mistake and stuff ya face too much ha ha. If I had been wise I would have lowered my eating up to LT not increased it! DOH! :p

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