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Day 2 - going okay so far!

Cool, some one newer than me :)

I'm on day four now and your right about the weekends! Well done to start it ahead of the weekend, I started with a huge hangover as I thought it would be all down hill then after day one, didn't quite work that way but I'm still 100%

Good luck!
Hiya im also on day 2 just wanted to say hi hope ur doing ok! my first day was so hard but i have woke this morning and am feeling great abit cold and tired but i guess this is part of the journey :)
The time flies on this diet, and if you approach it with a positive attitude then it flies even faster and weekends are no bother at all!!! The first time I felt hard done by was a week in, at a world cup party where everyone was eating and drinking... then off to the pub for more drinks... then the local takeout!!! I sat with my water and peppermint tea all night wishing I was eating and drinking. However, I still had a fab night, and felt even better in the morning when I worked out I would of consumed 60 weightwatchers points worth of food and drink if I'd been indulging! Pretty clear how I got overweight eh?! ;)

Anyway, point being that if you look on it as denying yourself it's incredibly hard to stick to. If you look at it as you being pro-active and changing your life and eating habits for the better... and remembering it's only temporary... it's a lot easier psychologically. It's all in the mind! :D

You can do - stay focussed x x x
Yup, we can drink black tea, black coffee, or any leaf tea (peppermint, nettle, green tea etc). Not allowed fruit or flower teas though!
Superb!! I'm off to the co-op :)

And to confirm sweetex wee tablets are ok yeah?
Yep, the sweetener tablets are allowed, it's the granulated stuff that's not OK. I do wish we were allowed diet pop though, i'd be flyin if we were!
Hi all,

Just to let you know that i am starting LP tomorrow and I am very nervous. I managed 1 day a few weeks ago and really didn't like it but I can see from forums such as this that it is definitely the best way to go. I thought i would introduce myself to other new starters because i think i may be needing support!! Hopefully you can offer it and vice versa and we can all help each other through this!!


From Piglet to Twiglet
Good luck at sticking with it - I'm finding it really easy (my husband who has witnessed a decade's worth of doomed diets is frankly astonished!) and once ketosis kicks in (hopefully tomorrow) it should be plain sailing. I find it really motivating that on the LT website it says that women should lose a stone a month - a sneaky jump on my home scales reveals 5lb gone already... I am really excited.


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome Helen and all the other newbies.

I started this on a Saturday too for much the same reasons as you. I always find weekends more difficult but on LT they're much the same as a week day!

Drink plenty of water and stay positive, that really does help.

Good luck to you all and I can't wait to see what you all lose at your first weigh ins!
Hi there, i too have started this diet again! day one seems ok, i always feel really focused on the diet, its the maintenance bit that lets me down,not sure how long i'll be on it this time but i'm arleady looking at the maintaining side. :)

just realised from my tracker i'm the same weight! 24 lbs back on!


From Piglet to Twiglet
I got ketosis this evening - a really weird taste in my mouth and my youngest son kept asking what the weird smell on my breath was (yay!) I'm amazed at how easy it's been and I had a great day at work today because... I didn't have a hangover (smug or what!)
I'm on day 3, and I'm really very surprised, I really thought it'd be harder, whether it's because my head is in the right place, I don't know!
I haven't reached ketosis yet but I know that should be when the energy buzz kicks in. When it does and the smelly breath hits.... does that last for long? Will it go away?