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Day 2 - Harder or easier?...

I just realised that tomoro wont be like today, because today i had eaten the day before whereas tomoro i wont have eaten for 36 hours ish.... Am rather worried now as im feeling really faint and have found the end of the day rather difficult, was on such a high this morning!

Plus im trying really hard not to snap at people!! Im such a moody sod when im hungry :S Oh please let tomoro be good to begin with, i cud deal with a hungry evening again... would just like a good day..

fingers crossed!
Jess x
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Hi Jess,

I found day 2 a bit harder but I think it was because I was less busy. I split 2 of my packs so that I could "eat" little and often and that seemed to help. I didn't feel unwell or weak or anything just blinking hungry :mad:, but now on day 3 I'm in ketosis and I feel a lot better.

Oh and I had a Coke zero yesterday as well which helped with my hunger pangs.
I'm nor sure if it's recommended to have c z in the first few days but as I'm in ketosis today it can't have done too much damage.

Just get through today in whatever way you can (within the plan of course ;)) and hopefully you will feel heaps better tomorrow.


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First few days are very tough but hang in there it does get easier. I'm on day 6 now and it took me til day 4 to get into ketosis. I always feel hungry but find taking water with me everywhere helps.
Like herewego, i have had a diet coke everyday (normally i can get thru 4 cans a day as other than water, i dont drink tea, coffee or juices), it hasn't affected my ketosis and if thats the thing that keeps me sain over the next few weeks........
Good luck


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Hey Jess
Just wanted to say hang in there, it really does get easier.. Once you are passed those first few tough days and you are in ketosis you will be well on the way to being slim.. Stick with it keep yourself busy lots of water and keep smiling and your going to be slim before you know it xx


hey don't take it in huge day sized steps

Break it down meal to meal.

Have breakfast, then concentrate on setting a time for lunch and hanging in there til then

With lunch out of the way just fix on a dinnertime and stay good for another 4 hours (ish) til dinner. Have dinner.

Once thats out the way, watch a film, have a bath whatever. Then just fill a couple o hours til bedtime.

Yes at times it does fel like wishing your life away in the early days but honestly, is so much easier this way.


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hi I'm on day two aswell, so thanks for this thread!!! I'm finding it harder than I'd imagined but it's good to know it gets better! X


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hi I'm on day two aswell, so thanks for this thread!!! I'm finding it harder than I'd imagined but it's good to know it gets better! X
Guys hang in there like the others have said IT DOES gets easier for sure and when you re there is amazing to find that you just dont feel hungry at all. Day two was my worst by far and by day three I was in ketosis by day four I felt super energized and have been 100% ever since( completed my 2nd week). Good luck stik with it is truly an amazing plan with very quick results. :D
Well thankfully being a student iv been allowed to stay in bed until now so iv shortened my day down a tad :p Thankfully im not hungry yet so am going to last an hour or two before my first shake..

Im glad everyones mentioned drinking coke because i had about 200mls of diet coke yesterday just to put something different in my tummy, i was so so hungry by the time we got to putting on a movie!

Thanks so much for all of the advice, the support on here is immense and is really giving me that boost to get through the first couple of days! I cant wait for ketosis to happen!!

Im only sunbathing today, going on a picnic with my flat (without food!) haha theyre all really supportive. :) So lack of energy should be ok to deal with unless they all bring cricket bats n footballs etc.... we shall see!!

@Lexie taking it shake by shake is really good advice, i was terrified going to be last night cos i couldnt bare the thought of waking up starving, thankfully im not but will last til my first shake and then will take it from there!!

@herewego, reckon the splitting pack idea is ace! i guess psycologically it would make you think you are having more... reckon i will try that today also!! Im going to get through this if it kills me! :D

@Kitt21 how was your first day?.. i found the daytime hours easy but really struggled once night time came.. I did get through like 3 litres of water though... that possibly helped!

Thanks everyone :) you've all really helped me to start the day positively rather than nervous and worried. :) Im going to keep smiling and hoping that ketosis hurrys itself up!! haha.

Jess x
Getting to the end of the day... i tend to stay awake quite late so am trying to ration my shakes, have had 1 1/2 shakes so far and am starving!!! trying to hold out as long as possible. :( Today seems alot harder than yesterday now. Im struggling to get the idea of eating out of my head because its like second nature now. I really need this hunger to go away and possibly some energy too! I want to lose weight so badly i know i wont cheat so its not really a question of that, im just meh!..

and i cannot stop peeing!! arrr.. lol

sorry for ranting.
Jess x


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This has been a really interesting thread, thank you - I've just done my first day today so it's nice to know what's to come!

Just one thing, I thought from when I did it before we were allowed coke zero but not diet coke, something to do with there being citric acid in diet coke but not in CZ and the citric acid knocks you out of ketosis?
Just one thing, I thought from when I did it before we were allowed coke zero but not diet coke, something to do with there being citric acid in diet coke but not in CZ and the citric acid knocks you out of ketosis?
That's what my CDC told me which is why I've hunted down some Coke Zero - not as nice as diet coke, but I'm only having a glass a day and I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Day 3 nearly over and my first mini goal reached - woo hoo!

Today has been easy eating wise, but I seem to have gained a short temper and I'm normally so chilled out. Still, I managed to control it but will have to keep an eye on it as I don't want to become a grump! :mad::mad::mad::D
Aw bulls.... lol i shall change to coke zero now! My friend had diet coke the last time she did it and it didn't seem to affect things. :) Dont want to ruin things this early in!.

Sunflowers, how has your first day been?.. what flavours have you tried?!

Oh and Alli, hows the hunger been?... Im dreading tomoro, the thought of being hungrier than i am now fills me with dread. Just had the oriental chilli soup tho (with extra chilli and curry powder) and loved it! It has bits to chew in, tiny bits il admit but it gives my mouth something to do!!!! woop woop.

Oh iv snapped at soo many people today, have no patience.. but meh. They all understand, we tend to laugh about it afterwards! haha.. i have ace mates. :p

jess x


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Indigo - chocolate tetras for me, I did it last time and tried lots of different shakes and ended up settling on the choc tetras and either having them as a hot chocolate (mainly) or frozen or straight from the carton if I was out! So that's what I'm doing this time, I know that might seem quite limited to some but I'm happy with it!
End of day 2 for me too IndigoMondays and still feeling OK - I'm kinda dreading tomorrow after reading so many comments about Day 3 being the worst day for everyone! I'm also at work tomorrow where there's always a well meaning colleague with goodies to pass around......I've not decided whether to say to anyone at work yet that I'm doing CD although I'm sure some will wonder why I'm drinking so much water:) I'm a little worried about the bad breath thing too - I keep asking my OH and the kids but so far they say I'm OK:eek:

Hope all goes well for Day 3 for you:)
Day two got rather difficult towards the end! i kept forgetting what i was doing n planning meals in my head! It didn't help that my best friend was writing up a recipe book so was reading all the cookbooks we have. :p

So yeah onto Day 3 now!.. Really hoped i would wake up energised and in ketosis but no... iv woken up starving shock horror.. And my boyfriends coming to visit me today so am rather annoyed that by 8 il be a grouch with no energy. Joys.. Poor Khi..

To be honest its been amazing having my friends around me for support, even though they dont all fully understand or agree with what i am doing, they are all behind me supporting me and making sure im ok. If im hungry they constantly offer advice with what to do, normally that involves tea or coffee!

@Miley.. I guess when it comes to telling your work mates it all depends on whether you are ok with explaining it constantly, and also whether you are close with them. People are far too quick to judge this diet, with little understanding. However im sure they would stop offering you goodies if they knew how much u were paying for CD! :p Also you never know you might inspire one of them to start it themselves. :)

Hows Day 3 going for you?... I may start a thread, there seems to be a lot of us that have started at the same time.

Jess x

Oh and sunflowers I have a strawberry tetra in the freezer as we speak, just waiting to be devoured!!. :) x


Wants to be a yummy mummy
I know what you mean about absentmindedly planning meals, I keep forgetting I'm not meant to eat - little things like helping our baby have a fromage frais and going to lick off any that's got on my fingers and remembering just in time!!
Indigo - Day 3 has been good so far, still waiting for the headache, etc, that others have had but so far so good:D

I ended up telling the 2 colleagues I share an office with when I'd been to the loo for about the 4th time in 3 hours today:eek: They were intrigued by the diet and asked lots of questions but neither were tempted - one can't afford it and the other loves her food & wine too much! In any case, both are only about 2 stone overweight. I'm sure they'll both be supportive.

I can't believe I'm nearly at the end of Day 3 and feel so good and so positive. I thought I'd be climbing the walls by now but I honestly feel great and can't wait for my first weigh in on Sat morning. Hope Day 3 got better for you x:bliss:
Aw you are so lucky! Iv struggled quite alot today, just really weak but just spoke to my mum on the phone and its really perked me up! Have found a lot of strength and positivity from nowhere!. :) Feeling alot better, my flatmates have just bought a dominoes which i had to leave the room for but apart from that im feeling ace. I cant wait to see what my weightloss is like!. Sadly i havent got a WI til next monday but im going to weigh myself on saturday to see what the loss has been in a week!

Me and my friend did a tally yesterday and i pee'd 13 times! Me and my toilet are becoming friends. lol Glad your workmates were so understanding, i guess its quite natural for them to have so many questions, it seems so extreme to people not in our position. :p

Congrats on such a good day, hopefully it will continue for you tomoro. :)

Jess x

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