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Day 2 - hungry moody and wanting food!


Never Ever Give Up!
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Hi Michael, I know exactly how you feel, I felt like that in my first week as well! Go for a walk, have a long hot bath, take a nap, anything to take your mind of food because YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! x


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I just had a long soak in the bath, read a magazine and a early night and before you know it your into day 3, Keep it up you can do it x


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Come on Michael. Rememeber what we all told you yesterday. you can do this and think how fabby you will feel very very shortly. This is the worst part and i sympathise. but don't sit and think about it. like the others said do something to take your mind off it.

Homework maybe lol??? you know where we all are. push through it. you will soon be at the other side!!

Jessie 888

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Start writing a list of all the things you want to do when you have lost your weight ... And make sure you're drinking water as you do it! :D
Ladies i managed to get through the hunger and the cravings, my cousin had a rugby match and i went to watch, afterwards he was peckish and went to mcdonalds..... ive got to say im so sorry but i couldnt sit there without anything... so i ordered a black tea and felt fantastic just thinking how my willpower stopped me from having food. today was hard but i got through it and now ill get through til my target weight!! :D

Cham Pers

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SEE we knew u could do it and now you know you can do it! Well done babe keep going x


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That is amazing will power for day 2. I bet you feel on top of the world knowing you didn't let it beat you.

Pat on the back. you can do it x
Feel on top of the world and skin is soft, dislike the shakes so I down um but this feeling of pride is incredible, I'll be fighting off the ladies soon haha
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You are doing well not giving in to temptations. Must have been very difficult in Maccy D's with all those smells wafting about! I salute you.
You'll be in ketonis soon, so the food cravings should be a lot less, and you'll start to feel better!
Stick with it, I just hope I can too as this is not my first time on liptotrim. My confidence has let me down on the last few attempts, not even getting past the first week, but now I am using the forums I'm hoping I can be strong like you and push all the negative "I can't do this" thoughts away!
Keep us updated on your progress
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Oh Michael

Good for you. Well done on facing the wall head on. Its so hard going to the like of McDonalds with the smell and tastes wafting through the air. I know as I found myself in Pizza hut yest with my hubby and kids. They were chomping on everything I would have loved so I ordered a tea for myself and had 2 pints of water. I would have killed for a slice of pizza but like you I didnt give in and felt on top of the world afterwards.

Way to go Michael. You are so strong and so determined. We are all really proud of you. Keep it up. Before you know it, you will be at your first weigh in and boy will you get the motivation to go on after that!!!! Seeing the result is the best motivation ever!!!

Good luck and keep in touch

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