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Day 2 - I want to eat my arm


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Just had a Fruits of the Forest shake. Odd tasting. Not sure yet.

Water...i need water.
First three days are difficult. Day 3 and 5 being the worst for me. Just keep glugging that water and keep your mind busy. You will do it. Because you CAN do it!!! Good luck.


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Water water water...... your be fine. my third day was the hardest but once your through it, it gets so much easier. I would suggest going for a walk but not sure if its raining where you are .. it is here in London x
Ha ha ha! I actually did just laugh out loud!
I know how you feel - I'm on day 3 and feel much better than yesterday.
Keep going - it's sooooo worth it!


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Water, water and more water I think I was drinking close to 4l in my first 2 days, I actually found day 4 the hardest keep going at it x


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I am on day 1 again after stopping and starting more times than I care to remember! So you're not alone!

I'm just trying to keep my goal in mind because I've had enough of going into clothes shop changing rooms and wanting to just cry my eyes out because the size 16's are tight! I lost 3 stones on this diet 2 years ago and I'm so angry and dissapointed with myself that I've eaten my way to piling it all back on!

Not this time though! It's coming off and going to stay off!

Stay strong!



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day 2 for me also and i am surviving by just keeping myself really busy

you can do it hun

focus on why you want to get slim , stay busy and out of the way of temptation, glug water!
Hi, I'm now on day 6 and day 3 was definately my hardest! Lots of water as the lovely people above me have said - the other thing that kept me motivated was thinking about my first weigh in, and how proud I would be if I could tell my CDC that I had completed my first week cheat free (which I'm glad to say I have!). Another thing I found helped was making some ice lollies using water and the water flavoring, makes for a nice (and cheat free!) snack! So lots and lots of water, and keep focused on your first weight in!

Good luck, keep me updated on your progress!


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I'm on day 3 now and day 2 was not funny. D: I was so hungry I almost cried.
But I'm actually not as hungry today.
So keep it going and it'll get better!
Just something that worked for me.....I'd clean my teeth. Killed my craving for a bit!

Also I remember when I was (attempting) to do Paul McKenna, that I discovered that when I feeling hungry I was actually bored. My cupboards were never so tidy.

The trick to this is really to keep your mind busy, and to keep knocking back the water.

Thanks everyone :D

I have had one shake and my 200 cal meal so far today. I have put a choccy tetra in the freezer so i can have an ice cream type treat to get me through the evening with probably a hot choccy mint shake.

I have been glugging back the green tea and my ketosticks are glowing a nice shade of dark pink, the second one up from the beige (if you know what i mean - its the ++ one).

Hoping that means i will feel a tad better tomorrow. Got a bit of a headache but i am going to take 2 tylex to get rid of it.

Onwards and downwards folks x
what do they taste like as an ice cream ???
Tastes more like a chocolate sorbet. I froze it for about 5 hours or so then cut it out of the carton. It took longer to eat than as just a shake so that was a benefit to me.

I also had a chocolate mint milk shake. That was quite nice although i had had enough of it by the time i had finished it.

Feeling quite full now and not tempted to pick.

I have come onto the comp as my hubby is eating his dinner and its one of my faves so i needed to be out of the room.

I think i will have an early night tonight. I have a 2 hour drive tomorrow to Hull and then another 2 hours back. Will take 2 tetras to help me along.

So, day 2 over - roll on day 3!:cool:
I find that drinking the carbonated fizzy water helps to give me the 'full' feeling. Must be the bubbles lol. And the idea of making ice lollies from the water flavourings is fab, I bought myself some ice lolly moulds for a fiver from ebay last week.. xx

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