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Day 2 of SS Cambridge Diet and feel SO sick! Is this normal?

Discussion in 'Challenges - Weight Loss & Otherwise!' started by Melissajade321, 29 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Melissajade321

    Melissajade321 New Member

    Hi new to this, I've just started the cambridge diet SS. I started yesterday and got through the day ok however today has been horrible. I feel so sick and have no energy! Is this normal? I've been reading threads and people are saying it will get better! But when? I really am giving this diet 100% and don't want to give up so early! Anyone else felt like this and when did things start to get better? Also does anyone know when I will be in ketosis and how do you know if you are? Thanks in advance!

    Melissa x
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  3. Hala

    Hala Active Member

    I don't know about the ketosis but I know it gets better ... for me what helped is changing the flavours of the soup and shakes (as it turns out I didn't like the ones I had before) and getting myself busy with things I like after that you'll find the week has passed by and you won't even notice ... and after your first weigh in you'll be excited from all the weight you have lost ... so yah it gets much better. from my experience first week or two are the hardest (I'm still on week 4 but I can eel the difference)
  4. natalie1989

    natalie1989 Member

    Hi my names Natalie :)

    Hope you don't mind me posting

    This is my 5th week doing sole source, I'm starting to struggle a bit to be honest :( iv lost 17lbs so far. I had my 4th weigh in today and only lost 1lb! It's made me feel a bit rubbish. I went to nandos on Friday and ate a chicken salad and since then I keep getting cravings for food I'm trying really hard not to give in as I don't want next week to only be a 1lb loss.

    How are you doing?
  5. lizzyneaves

    lizzyneaves Member

    Hey! I started cambridge on Thursday, so been doing the SS for 6 days now! I found it got a lot easier a couple of days ago which is when ketosis kicked in! (CC have me a few ketosis sticks to pee on to tell me if it had happened!) honestly, set yourself treats for each goal you have! I have 7 stone to lose (and sneakily weighed myself on Saturday and I'd lost 7lbs!) and my 21st is at the end of July and I hope to lose 3 stone by then and I'm going to treat myself to new hair and a smaller sized birthday dress. The more treats you ate yourself for each goal, the more motivated you are to become the person you've dreamed of being! X
  6. natalie1989

    natalie1989 Member

    Hi :)

    7lbs is great well done! I have six stone left to lose, it seems so far away doesn't it, I find that two days before it's my weigh in I start feeling un motivated then after my weigh in I'm motivated again but today I didn't :( I'm going to wake up tomorrow with a positive attitude and hope my next weigh in is a good one, are you having cravings?
  7. lizzyneaves

    lizzyneaves Member

    Official weigh in on Thursday showed I lost a stone!! Very happy! But today I'm feeling low and wanted to eat a good meal but haven't cracked! Trying my hardest! These low points suck :( and god so many cravings!!! Frankie and Benny's breakfast, kebabs (even tho I HATE them) everyday I crave veg and chicken salad with feta cheese :( just think when we reach our target weights we can treat ourselves once a month and not feel quilty!!!!
  8. lizzyneaves

    lizzyneaves Member

    Also I now too have 6 stone left to lose! Let's hope it gets easier for us!
  9. natalie1989

    natalie1989 Member

    Yeh I keep craving chicken and salad, iv had a couple of omlettes this week but hopefully I still lose! My consultant said I can do step two if I feel hungry so I have but iv also done some Zumba four times this week. I have my weigh in in Tuesday :) I'm due on and normally get hungry a few days before so maybe that's why I have wanted to eat so much lol I have a fourth pack today instead of actually eating do t know if this will affect anything, I want to get back to eating eating nothing again but I'm finding it hard :(
  10. natalie1989

    natalie1989 Member

    Is that a stone in one week?! That's really good :)
  11. lizzyneaves

    lizzyneaves Member

    What kind of omelettes do you make? And good luck for Tuesday! Zumba will definitely speed it up your weight loss! I'm really active at work so I'm sure that's why I'm doing so well! And if you come on before weigh in and don't think you've lost as much you'd like just remember it's just water weight from being on! Also if you really feel you need to eat but don't want to eat, drink a ton of fizzy water, and when you get weighed ask if you can get some water flavouring! I got the berry and it's so nice with fizzy water and will fill you right up! And yeah a stone in a week! Weighed myself this morning and I'm into my 15 stone mark, woo!!!
  12. natalie1989

    natalie1989 Member

    That's really good well done u must be really pleased, I did have fizzy water before and it did fill me up but my consultant said it could make me bloated? Maybe I'll get some again, I've got the berry flavouring too helps to drink more doesn't it! I feel a bit bloated today :( I really hope I have a good loss this week iv been exercising every day, I weighed myself at work...I couldn't resist lol and the scales said if lost 5kg twice then the third and fourth times if only lost one! I always get nervous before my weigh in lol I don't know why! I just use 2 eggs no milk and put some spring onion and some pepper in sometimes a little cheese in top
  13. lizzyneaves

    lizzyneaves Member

    How did your weigh in go!!! Sorry haven't replied sooner, busy with work!!
  14. natalie1989

    natalie1989 Member

    I lost 7lbs! Sooo happy I'm doing step 2 fully now, she told me not to do cardio tho as it could slow my weight loss down and recommended toning exercises but surely if I'm building muscle that will slow it down?

    How are you getting on?
  15. lizzyneaves

    lizzyneaves Member

    Well done!!!! Bet you feel so proud!! And how come you're doing step two so quickly! And honestly no idea, I thought any exercise was good?!

    It's going good and had my second weigh in on Thursday and lost another 6lbs! So a stone and half down already! Over the moon!!
  16. natalie1989

    natalie1989 Member

    That's really good, I was getting a bit bored and I'm going away Monday for a week so would need to do step two then anyway, I'm going to do sole source again when I get back :) how many weeks have you been doing it now?
  17. lizzyneaves

    lizzyneaves Member

    Ooo jealous!
    I'm off to Manchester in a couple of weeks and scared I'm going to crack :( I'm really craving food atm :(
    And I'm on my third week!

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